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What is the eligibility for 70% royalty rate from kindle?

You can actually obtain 70% on kindle minus delivery costs, of which greatly depends on the size of your book file. To qualify for a 70% royalty on kindle, your book’s retail price should not be less than $0.99 nor exceed $9.99. If your retail price exceeds the limits, then you are entitled to only 35% royalty. The best price you can place your book is $9.99. You will sell more books than selling the same book at a double price and on the other hand you definitely generate more from the royalties. Cheaper price will definitely attract more buyers.

The 70% royalty is not applicable for all your sales in all countries although you may have subscribed for the 70% royalty. This rate is only applicable in the participatory countries to those books sold there. If Kindle sells your book to other countries other than the U.K, U.S, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium among others, then you receive 35% of the sales.

Did you subscribe for a 70% royalty yet your listing read 35%?

You need to understand that this is subsequent to kindle sales on your book outside the member countries. Such sales will then be reflected as 35% on the kindle listings.

Who determines the price of your content?

As the publisher, you are required to set the price and Kindle reserves the right to set the retail price. Kindle may price your book lower than your price. However, Kindle will always give your content value for what’s it worth.

As the world of technology advances, children too are going digital and that has been facilitated by the availability of a variety of children’s apps they can use today. Here is a list of the best apps and a short elaboration accompanying each.

1. Art My Kid Made (iPhone).
Kids can use this free app to capture and store artworks wrought practically by hand and share them with friends or family. It’s a great app to store memorable and adorable paintings and drawings in photos and share them.

2. Color and Draw For Kids (iPhone/Android).
As the name suggests, this app is for drawing and coloring. It comes with some preloaded packs of pictures, while it can be loaded with others such as animals, fairies and dinosaurs which are available in the app for purchase.

3. Disney Pixel’d (iPhone/iPad).
A free app that is fashioned for creativity; a function that is highly appealing not only to kids but to parents too. You can create personal pixel-art drawings and animations and share them with family or friends online.

4. DoodleCast for Kids (iPad/iPhone).
This app is for drawing but comes with an added advantage whereby kids can record their own voices as they draw. A kid could speak or sing along as he or she draws and can make a three minute video out of it and share online.

5. Dr Seuss’s The Cat In The Hat Color & Create! (iPad).
This is a great coloring app for sale with digital stickers and is based on characters and scenes featured in the iconic books of Dr Seuss.

6. Little Box for Music Box (iPad/iPhone).
This app is full of charm hence the name, “Sing-along Songbook”. The kids sing/tap along to songs such as Old McDonald and London Bridge; songs that come with unmatched interactivity and animations.

7. Maily (iPad)
This app enable kids create their first emails, create digital messages and drawings and send them to friends or family member’s inboxes.

8. PlayArt By Tapook (iPad).
This app enable kids create their own pictures using the features of famous paintings of Monet, Klee, Van Gogh and Rousseau.

9. Magic Piano (iPad/iPhone).
This is a virtual piano that warps into magical shapes. Kids can learn how to play an array of songs such as classics and pop hits too.

10. Miko and Cola (iPad).
Miko and Cola are cats featuring ‘silly fun adventures’ accompanied by music. This app is a storybook that gives your kid to play music along.

A great children’s book is distinct from good books and it ought to be your priority when selecting a book for your child. I must be a book that a child can easily understand thus it should entail activities that are familiar with a child, fascinating and fun both in text and illustrations. Your book has more value if its objective is to address and answer some of the most common questions that a child could ask.

Below is a list of the most popular children’s books with a brief elaboration on each.

1. What Do People Do All Day.
This is a book written by Richard Scarry a popular children books writer. This book is characterized by individuals engaged in diverse activities of all kinds. Children, being inquisitive by nature, will not only find this book interesting but it will impact them positively in an immense way as it packed with lots of answers. This book’s objective is projected at addressing the quest of young readers. More so, the drama that unfolds with the activities of the characters encased herein will intrigue any adult who cares to rummage through the pages of this book.

2. I will not ever, never eat a tomato.
Written by Lauren Child, this book largely concentrates on a character by the name Lola; a picky girl who will not eat just anything. Carrots, tomatoes, fish fingers and peas can’t possibly go down her throat; a problem her brother Charlie has the perfect solution to. It’s a book full of illustration and whose objective adequately embraces a problem that many parents encounter with their little ones and how to counter them thus making eating a more enjoyable activity full of fun.

3. Possum Magic.
It’s a book written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Julie Vivas. Of all grandma Poss’s magic tricks, that she never runs out-of, is her ability to make Little Shish invisible. The possums are forced to tour Australia in search of a cure as grandma is unable to reverse her tricks. Oz is a fascinating wonder for kids oversees that never ceases to amaze them.

4. Wombat Stew.
Written by Marcia K Vaughan and illustrated by Pamela Lofts. It features Dingo, intent on making the most delicious stew but his greedy won’t take any advice from the other animals. It’s an interesting Australian tale full of fun for kids.

5. The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
It’s written by Beatrix Potter and illustratively features the naughty yet lovable Peter Rabbit. This book plays the role of a pace-setter for children who may later engage in the wordier Beatrix Potter stories.

Why do you need the services of a script proofreader?

High quality content is characterized by proper punctuation and proper usage of words in their correct grammatical application. If you are going to succeed in passing your message to your readers, then proofreading is inevitable to ensure that your work is well put and meets the expected standards of book writing and that of your audience. Their can never be a worse put-off for readers than to find poorly structured sentences, grammatical errors and improper word usage as these distorts the message completely.

You can go through your writing bit by bit as you progress in your writing to make the task a bit easier when you are done with the book. However, you need to realize that sometimes one can read what is expected especially if you are familiar with the context rather than what is actually written. This happens often when you read your own writing and thus you might skip some errors and totally fail to note them as your mind is already set on a limited perception concerning the text.

You don’t want your readers to get the wrong message or worse still spend their precious time trying to make-out whatever you meant in so writing; thus manuscript proofreading becomes crucial in book writing before it’s published.

How do you identify a script proofreader?

Basically, proofreading isn’t editing and thus book formatting services are only rendered as extra services as a proofreader does not do the editing work. However, your proofreader will point out to you where there are grammatical, typographical, spelling and other linguistic errors.

Proofreading is done to give your writing a final touch and polish your work before you self-publish it or submit it to your publisher or to a publishing house. You need to edit your work minimally once to ensure that it is free of errors such as wrong sentence structure, word choice and overall organization of your manuscript.

Book editing and formatting prior to submission for proofreading is vital as it allows massive correction for your work leaving it for finer detail polishing; proofreading. You need an expert to proofread your manuscript, who has a professional keen eye for such errors that are not obvious to the eye.

Who needs manuscript proofreading services?

Every prospective book author who is keen on making the right impact on their intended audience will by no means miss a chance to put in all that there is to do so. One sure way to ensure that your written work is ideally and professionally presentable to their readers is by having your manuscript proofread.

The Fast Fingers also offers proofreading services for a very reasonable price.

frontcover 170Over 75 trail-proven backpacking recipes will have you cooking like an accomplished chef with step-by-step instructions and full-color photos on every page. Discover a scrumptious variety of light-weight options for meals, snacks and desserts.

Whether you hit the trail with a backpack, kayak, bicycle, sailboat, RV or motorcycle, Chef Glenn’s backpacking cookbook is guaranteed to make meal time as deeply satisfying as your adventures.

Cook healthy and hearty trail meals as easily as freeze-dried meals – without the artificial ingredients. While absolutely delicious, the pre-assembled meals are easy to cook in camp with nothing more than a small pot, stove and spoon.

Ensure your food stays safe and secure with Chef Glenn’s dependable and well-organized food packing techniques. Comfortably carry a week’s worth of dehydrated meals without stopping to resupply.

Save money, too. Three or four homemade trail meals cost about the same as one freeze-dried meal.

The first half of the book covers how to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, meats, scrambled eggs and more.

Learn how to make bark by drying starchy root vegetables, Chef Glenn’s innovative but simple technique for making flavorful and saucy backpacking meals.

The second half of the book presents a wide variety of delicious recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts.


You can also check Chef Glenn's recipes at backpackingchef.com

Indexing is proving to be an effective tool today in determining the ease with which your book is discovered and how it is used. Book Indexing provides navigation ease to the readers and acts as a map for them. A good index goes beyond a mere alphabetical list and is characterized by proper metadata; proper noun texts and their locations.

Although it has become increasingly possible to search books on the internet especially in their electronic format, you can’t underestimate the impact of good indexing in enabling your readers find your book more easily on the search engines. You can have your book indexed by an expert based on your specifications and guide-style while he points out any inconsistencies and typographical errors so that together you can come-up with a great index that is effective.

Tips you need to make an effective, thoughtfully structured and concise indexes for your book.

The essence of indexes is basically to provide your readers with quick access to information thus your indexing should ideally reflect the content of your book.
Good indexing should aim at helping readers find information with convenience by writing indexes using parallel construction such as writing double posts index entries and creating proper cross-references.

Why do you need book indexing?

  • Most people prefer reading a book with an index for easy navigation and your readers are no exception thus it will be an added advantage to meet your readers expectations.
  • Books with indexes have proven to register better sales and most online book dealers prefer such books. They give potential buyers access to the indexes and it’s not only a preference for buyers only but book reviewers, educators, librarians and academics too.
  • The art and science of book indexing can be quite tasking and is relatively a complex task that not many people can really master it. It entails meticulously detailed work with an ability to quickly identify concepts in the text virtually on any text and long hours of concentration altogether. However, it is a worthy investment in making your book a success that you can’t afford to underestimate.

An effective book indexing will ensure increased access to vital ideas in your book thus promoting the value your readers attach to your book. To ensure that your index is well-written, you definitely will have to edit it to ensure completeness, consistency, accuracy and clarity.

jk-rowling-the-cuckoos-callingJ.K. Rowling is making it big with her series of pseudonyms with unmatched distinction. First it was her author name Robert Galbraith, crime novelist that worn the hearts of many readers and now The Cuckoo’s Calling.

It is on the Robert Galbraith’s website where Rowling revealed about the pseudonym. She explained in detail the reasons for her decision to use the pseudonym and rebutted the rumors claiming that the revelation was orchestrated at promoting sales.

Rowling said that she wanted to distance herself with her own writing thus ended up using a male pseudonym, Robert Galbraith, seemingly becaming the perfect option for her. She explained that the name, Robert, was derived from her love for Robert Kennedy whom she considers her hero and Galbraith from her childhood desire to be called Ella Galbraith, a name that fascinated her for no apparent reason.

She disclosed that although she considered calling herself L A Galbraith, she eventually abandoned the idea because she felt it was not good. In her series, The Cuckoo’s Calling, emerged and swept a multitude of readers. However, fans of her former publication by pseudonym Galbraith had no idea how or why ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ shot to bestselling rank.

Although it was widely rumored that the tweeted hint about her real identity, Rowling, as the supposedly, Robert Galbraith; Rowling made a firm claim that if she desired to attain high sales with her true identity then she would have used her real name or reveal her true identity right from the start. She also disclosed that Galbraith’s second book is in the processing and would be out soon. Besides, her books were doing great in the market and the success is notable.

It's true that Rowling had no plans to keep her secret of the mystery fiction writer for ever, but she felt that the secret had been untimely uncovered and probably spoilt her fan in watching her Pseudonym authorship soar leaving a permanent trail of success. Being a great writer and having attained an equal measure of success in her writing as that of her career, Rowling is set to complete her plans for her Pseudonym series.

However, it’s true that the revelation about Rowling’s identity as the real author of the book by Pseudonym Robert Galbraith brought about increased sales of the book, The Cuckoo’s Calling. The sales have high rocketed since then and definitely J.K. Rowling has nothing to lose nor has she any regrets as the revelation has worked to her favor.

<photo cr: robert-galbraith.com>

Never despise small beginnings as Amanda had a hard time to raise some money to make her book available on kindle. Talk about current digital transformation on world book publishing and you won’t have a better example to give than that of Amanda Hocking. In barely a year and a half, Amanda has risen to a bestselling fiction book author from obscurity by self publishing.

Amanda Hocking, a book author who hails from Austin, Minnesota was raised by her single mother after her parents’ failed marriage. She grew up depressed and found her only way of dealing with the condition was by reading a lot and writing. She buried herself in books and devoured stuff that was meant for adults at a tender age. While still studying, she was able to write many short stories that she shared with her friends and relatives. Wring was not only a passion for Amanda but her very life from such a tender age. She continued her writing and printed the books sending some to publishers who only managed to reward her with rejection letters. It was difficult for her but she kept writing; her dream of becoming an author simply won’t die.

She had spent fruitless years with traditional publishers until the year 2010. She was frustrated from endless efforts that left her with nothing to show for it. Her life turn-around came with the Muppet creator, Jim Henson, Chicago function that she had no means to attend in spite being a great fan of the Muppets and her great desire to get to the function. Even though she would have been more than glad to drive all the way for eight hours, she didn’t have petrol nor could she even afford accommodation on reaching her destination.

However, that didn’t kill her dream of attending the function that would become the beginning of her transformed life. She learns that she could actually sell her books on Amazon and she wouldn’t need a publishing house, a publisher or even an agent. Within a span of six months before the Chicago exhibition, she was able to not only raise enough money for her travel but achieved a major breakthrough with her books sales on the same books that were rejected by publishing houses.

In those six months, Amanda was able to sell $150, 000 books and ended up raising $20, 000 besides her much needed $ 300 for her trip to Chicago. In the ensuing 20 months, she was able to raise $2.5m by selling up to $ 1.5m books. This was a tremendous success wrought single handedly in such a short time that beat the wasted efforts over the years in publishing houses.

For Amanda, this does not only become her headway in her own world of book writing but she also becomes a great inspiration and an instrument in endorsing self-publishing to other struggling authors as well as the new upcoming writers.

Many people today are opting for self publishing as it is not only convenient but also comes with a range of options and freedom on how to publish your book. On the other hand, you don’t have to task yourself with the whole process of writing and publishing your book. If you are a busy person, you don’t have to go out of your way to write a book yet you still can produce a high quality book. All you need is to hire an expert to do the work on your behalf.

The Fast Fingers is your right partner.

When it comes to producing a book that is going to become a success, get it done with exceptional expertise as The Fast Fingers have a team comprised of professionals who are highly skilled and have the experience. Their expertise comes with practice over the years producing high quality books for their clients.

Why The Fast Fingers?

They will offer you not only affordable but quick and quality services too for your book. Below are highlights of our services;

  •  Typesetting - We shall take care of all your typesetting needs including; Standard typesetting, display fonts, restructuring, index formatting, form pages, artistic text flows, document fixing and page layout.
  • e-Book conversion - We are the right people to convert your print file into an e-book file that is compatible with a wide range of e-stores and readers.
  • Book formatting -  We format your book to the requirements of online publishers thus you can obtain our services for self publishing on KDP, Lulu, CreateSpace, Lightning Source and Smashwords.
  • Cover design - We give you the best cover designs that will be an effective tool for marketing your book. A good cover design is very instrumental in making your book a success. It captures the eye of the reader and your book cover will determine how many people will have an interest in your book.
  • Interior design/layout - Get your desired book layout done by our experts to your satisfaction. We are able to give you the best services for your interior design.
  • Quality Images - Good images are not only important in attracting readers but also communicates the message contained in your book at a glance.

We give you the best services at considerably low costs and we are keen to serve you speedily. Our services are highly reliable because we value our clients and we are keen on giving you the best.

Picture book

A picture book can be made from a collection of photos and be not only fun for the readers but also serves as a great way of preserving memories of live events in one’s life. You can make a photo book from pictures taken in memorable events such as weddings, baby showers, family get-together parties or photos of individual family members.

You can make an adventurous book filled with travel pictures captured during an excursion to the park, beach side or a tour out of the country and fill the pages with a great story comprised of photos and captions. Your book can also be the memorable gorgeous moments of your wedding or a new baby. You can create a book on your baby with pictures of his growth displaying his life’s milestones and the sweet little occasions around his or her life.

It’s a wonderful way to keep memories that you relish for future reference in a picture book. You can choose the size you prefer from a range of book sizes and use one of your favorite photos for the cover or simply choose a premium leather picture for the same. Reading such a book can be quite interesting in reliving the past days. During the earlier years of life, life is so colorful and full of enthusiasm both for a child and the parents. Such moments can be captured and put together in a book.

You can choose a title for your book and insert captions for the photos and also obtain unique and customizable backgrounds for your photos. You can create a photo book for print or better still an eBook. The modern advanced technology has come wrapped up as tools on publishing systems to enable you generate great children’s picture books.

Children’s books on KF8.

Kindle Previewer and KindleGen are the new Kindle publisher tools supported by Kindle Format 8 (KF8) you can now download for creating a children’s books whose distinction is unmatched. CSS3 and HTML5 support are some of the outstanding enhancements and features of Kindle Format 8 that is taking over on Amazon file formatting.

KF8 comes with a wide range of elements for formatting such as; numbered lists, drop caps, nested tables, fixed layouts, sidebars, callouts and scalable vector graphics. With this range of capabilities, you definitely can now create great children books that meet the reader’s expectations and beyond.

KF8 is the new enhanced formatting and reading feature for all books, with the new features, Kindle Text Pop Up and Kindle Panel Views offers great fixed layouts for books such as comics, graphic novels and children’s books.

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