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What is the Importance of Online Community Forums for Authors?

Written by   |   Tuesday, 27 August 2013 12:27

Book marketing for authors is the surest way to make their books a success besides providing their readers with quality content that is distinctly packaged. One of the most reliable platforms for an author to market a book is by engaging the online community such as forum posting among others. You can simply begin spreading information about your book or your book blog or website by talking to your relatives or friends on the online community platforms.

Having a blog or a site with a great design and excellent features is an effective way to reach your audience yet you need to draw attention to the same audience through community platforms. Your attention is here drawn to community forum, the importance and effectiveness in introducing your book to those close to you.

On the other hand, forums offer you an opportunity to interact with other authors and especially those who have been in the book industry for long who understand how to go about making books a success through experience. You need to tap into this opportune opening to gain from the expertise of those who have been there and back and know what to include and what to exclude.

Below is a list of reliable online community forums for authors.

  • Author Marketing Club is a forum open to authors whereby they discuss their books based on category. They get a chance to post about their own books and get the responses of their fellow writers as well as getting to air their own views on other writers’ books. It’s not only engaging but quite highly profitable and is a reliable tool to improve on your book based on the discussions from shared views on this forum.
  • Amazon Authors Discussion forum is an interactive platform for authors to socialize and learn from one another. Getting other writers’ opinion on your book is a great avenue to better your book. If an author uses diligently the insights gained from the discussions on this forum, then they could make their own book a success in a more effective way. Precise strategies are less tasking and more so when talking about those strategies that have been tried and proven to work effectively.

Other forums include;

These are just but a few of the best forums that can be highly profitable to you as an author and also be a gateway for you to share your skills and expertise on the same strength.

A pdf (portable document form) file is used to represent documents in a form independent of hardware, operating systems or application software. It is the most shared form of document as it can be accessed online by uploading and offline when downloaded. This program works well with most open-source programs besides Microsoft Word.

Here are some of the best and most reliable free softwares you can use to convert your word or other compatible document into a pdf file.

a) Wondershare PDF Editor Beta.
Need a framework that combines a minimal and intuitive design that is inexpensive yet it scales-down and nests the functionality of the more expensive Adobe or Nitro products? Wondershare Windows PDF Editor is an innovative tool that you can use to remake, reuse, convert and annotate your PDF files.

This software is not limited to page content such as notes but will enable you to directly edit and reuse PDF contents in word by converting PDF back into word. It also allows you to edit the PDF content in any language of your choice. These features enable you to edit as well as add text, objects, images, hyperlinks and other elements with precision.

This software is simply elegant as its functions are all available on the toolbar; none is hidden nor are there hidden submenus. It is user-friendly and effective making your work not only easy to accomplish but comes with a distinction in accomplishing the same.

b) PDFMate Free PDF Convertor 1.0
This is one of your simplest convertor that is not only fast but free too. With PDFMate, you can convert PDF to images, EPUB eBooks, SWF files, Text documents and HTML. This software is one powerful 5-in-1 PDF conversion tool that is highly reliable for your pdf conversion. It allows batch conversion, thus you can convert hundreds of pdf files with a mode that enables you convert your files quickly and effectively.

It also provides for customization of your end-product to suit specific requirements as needed in relation to text, images, hyperlinks or images making it a personalized editable file. It’s popular for its notably incredible speed yet delivering high quality output with precision.

c) Kingsoft Office 8.10.3010
This program is a an office tool, suite Free 2012 that comes in a number of features that enables you edit, view and create both business and personal documents. Kingsoft office 2012 comprises of three programs; Kingsoft Presentation, Kingsoft Spreadsheet and Kingsoft Writer, which are highly reliable and versatile too.

It’s compatible with a range of document formats including Mocrosoft Word and quite user-friendly. Kingsoft is quite favorable with Ms Word as you can open its files on word without necessarily having to install Kingsoft Office on the same computer.

These three convertors are the best among the range of reliable pdf convertor you can find in the market today. Make use of them and it will not only make your work easier but will give you speedy excellent results.

book awardsAre you an Irish by birth, citizenship or long-term residence author?

A new category in the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards is excited to announce the Writing.ie Short Story of the Year Award. It's a new category open to short stories of up to 7000 words published between 1st Nov 2012 and 31st October 2013 in any of the following contexts: a collection of short stories by a single author; an anthology of short stories; or an established journal or magazine, digital or print, that has been in existence for at least six months within the period of eligibility.

Closing date for entries is September 1, 2013. Here is the online form link where the stories must be submitted.

via <writing.ie>

Simple Ways to Avoid Widows and Orphans in Book Formatting

Written by   |   Monday, 19 August 2013 15:18

If you are familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), it generally suggest not to have widows and orphans in your manuscript. The 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style suggests a new convention in which pages may end with the first line of a new paragraph.

If you plan to design your own book or to those who are learning book design, there are a lot of things to ponder. For those who are using Adobe InDesign, it may cost you but this I think is the best book formatting software. As much as possible, we don't want to see the first line of a paragraph that lands all by itself at the bottom of a page or orphan and the last line of a paragraph that lands alone at the top of a page. We need to avoid of the widows and orphans to come up with an impressive interior book design.

Using Adobe InDesign, here are the possible ways to avoid widows and orphans:

Highlight the paragraph which you think needs an adjustment and reduce the tracking of the words until the widows or orphans are removed.


By adjusting the leading, it will change the space between lines of text.


Enable the hyphenation of the words.



Your book deserves a good look in and out so watch out for widows and orphans.

The fast fingers book formatting service can deliver an affordable yet professionally made book.

The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service for Children's Book

Written by   |   Monday, 19 August 2013 05:24

Book formatting for any book category is very important. However, the formats vary depending on a number of factors.

Book category.

Each book category has its own formatting standards that are much appealing to the target group. You will find a lot of variation in use of font sizes and colors, indentations and graphics in children’s books compared to adult books. What might be appealing to children may not make much sense to an adult and what an adult could be comfortable with might be boring to children.

Children are fun oriented and if they have to learn well then incorporating elements that will provide fun in their reading is inevitable thus you need to be very keen on whatever elements you choose to use for your children’s book. Obviously, great content that keeps the children engaged is one aspect you can’t do away with. But apart from having the ideal content for children, the way you present it to the young readers is equally important in making an impact on your readers.

Here are some of the elements of an ideal children’s book that you need to consider including; the right font sizes/colors, great images and the general book layout. With the help of The Fast Fingers book formatting services you can make your book the ideal target of every buyer seeking a great children’s book.

The Fast Fingers will render you distinct services in;

Interior book design.

  • You will get professional quality typesetting/editing services.
  • We provide varied designs and standard book sizes.
  • Great graphics and other illustrative elements.
  • e-Book conversion compatible to a great range of e-Readers and devices.

Cover design.

We create the best cover designs that will not only add value to your already great content but will effectively market your book.

Publishing system requirements.

Every publishing system has their own requirements for publishing a book with them. The Fast Fingers provides children's book formatting that is according to the guidelines of Lightning Source, Lulu, CreateSpace and any other publisher of your choice.

You have complete ownership to the complete design of your book and you get a quick turnaround for your book with the best of prices with us.

On the other hand, parents and guardians need also to know what a really great book to children is. You can boost or kill your child’s interest in reading depending on the reading materials you provide especially books. Choose books that are appealing to your child and are fun to read.

Looking for a Popular Wholesome Website for Children?

Written by   |   Monday, 19 August 2013 03:27

childrenswebsiteChildren's books are just one of the many source of fun and learning for kids. A lot of websites are created for children but not every site said to be for kids is literary suitable for them. Virtually, all parents want the best for their kids thus you will agree with me that every parent is on the lookout for the most ideal website for their children.

Basically, kids are molded and shaped into individuals of varying personalities depending on the exposure they get as they grow up. Therefore, it is very important to be not only cautious but rather responsible with what you allow your children to browse and engage with, online. 

There are great websites for kids where they can enjoy games and besides having fun, they can learn and also have devotions. These sites have been rated as Christian sites as they are based on the Christian world view. Although some of these sites are denominational, most of them are not; yet they are all safe for your children, full of fun and approved for kids to visit.

Below is a list of some of the recommended safe-sites for your kids;

Big Light Games - This site is Christian view oriented and is especially suitable for anyone looking for big selections of games. It’s a wonderful site full of fun for your children, they will love it.

Wonder Zone - This site is run by Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Good News Club people and is the best for your child. It’s packed with devotionals, adventures, lots of games and a range of enjoyable activities.

Children’s Bible Hour - this is an all-round site both for kids and parents. It is comprised of keys for kids, down Gilead Lane CBH and the area for parents. Its one site you can’t possibly miss on.

Coloring Pages For You - This site is virtually characterized by coloring pages for kids. What greater fun for kids than coloring?

Kid Builder - This site is not only fun but incorporates Bible learning for the kids too. It has videos that are accompanied by quizzes thereafter. Your kids get to learn the word in an enjoyable and easy way that leaves them wanting more.

JC Play Zone- This site is full of fun; characterized by music, E-cards, bible stories, coloring pages, recipes, daily devotions and games.

Answers in Genesis Kids - Kids are very inquisitive and there is a lot they want to know, this site serves to answer kids in a way that is most interesting and fun for the kids through; animation, videos and activities.

Wycliffe Kids - This site is from Wycliffe Bible Translators and has a ton of such cool activities for your children. It has stories, quizzes, puzzles, games and adventures. It provides deeper understanding of the bible history especially concerning bible translation and missionary work.

Vegie Tales - This is one site that offers your child an opportunity to play with food and learn how eating can be fun especially those kids who will not eat without putting-up a fight and every meal time is a moment they really dread.

Well, these are just a few among the best sites for your children. These sites are safe and wholesome for your kids. They provide all the basics a child needs to grow up well-rounded to become responsible yet it’s a learning that is characterized with lots of fun; the ideal environment for your child to learn new things as well as enjoy the things they already know.

National Youth Writer's Festival 2013: It’s Gonna Be Good

Written by   |   Wednesday, 14 August 2013 08:51

NYWFThe National Young Writers’ Festival (NYWF) occurs annually in the city of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, over the New South Wales’ Labour Day Holiday Weekend in late September/early October. The 2013 festival will take place between October 3 and 6.

For more details about the NYWF 2013 visit their website.








<via  2013.youngwritersfestival.org>

No Man is an Island Unless He is Reading a Book

Written by   |   Tuesday, 13 August 2013 10:46


Books are the Quietest and Most Constant of Friends

Written by   |   Wednesday, 07 August 2013 05:05

book quotes























<quotes cr: Charles W. Eliot The Happy Life>

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