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Never despise small beginnings as Amanda had a hard time to raise some money to make her book available on kindle. Talk about current digital transformation on world book publishing and you won’t have a better example to give than that of Amanda Hocking. In barely a year and a half, Amanda has risen to a bestselling fiction book author from obscurity by self publishing.

Amanda Hocking, a book author who hails from Austin, Minnesota was raised by her single mother after her parents’ failed marriage. She grew up depressed and found her only way of dealing with the condition was by reading a lot and writing. She buried herself in books and devoured stuff that was meant for adults at a tender age. While still studying, she was able to write many short stories that she shared with her friends and relatives. Wring was not only a passion for Amanda but her very life from such a tender age. She continued her writing and printed the books sending some to publishers who only managed to reward her with rejection letters. It was difficult for her but she kept writing; her dream of becoming an author simply won’t die.

She had spent fruitless years with traditional publishers until the year 2010. She was frustrated from endless efforts that left her with nothing to show for it. Her life turn-around came with the Muppet creator, Jim Henson, Chicago function that she had no means to attend in spite being a great fan of the Muppets and her great desire to get to the function. Even though she would have been more than glad to drive all the way for eight hours, she didn’t have petrol nor could she even afford accommodation on reaching her destination.

However, that didn’t kill her dream of attending the function that would become the beginning of her transformed life. She learns that she could actually sell her books on Amazon and she wouldn’t need a publishing house, a publisher or even an agent. Within a span of six months before the Chicago exhibition, she was able to not only raise enough money for her travel but achieved a major breakthrough with her books sales on the same books that were rejected by publishing houses.

In those six months, Amanda was able to sell $150, 000 books and ended up raising $20, 000 besides her much needed $ 300 for her trip to Chicago. In the ensuing 20 months, she was able to raise $2.5m by selling up to $ 1.5m books. This was a tremendous success wrought single handedly in such a short time that beat the wasted efforts over the years in publishing houses.

For Amanda, this does not only become her headway in her own world of book writing but she also becomes a great inspiration and an instrument in endorsing self-publishing to other struggling authors as well as the new upcoming writers.

Many people today are opting for self publishing as it is not only convenient but also comes with a range of options and freedom on how to publish your book. On the other hand, you don’t have to task yourself with the whole process of writing and publishing your book. If you are a busy person, you don’t have to go out of your way to write a book yet you still can produce a high quality book. All you need is to hire an expert to do the work on your behalf.

The Fast Fingers is your right partner.

When it comes to producing a book that is going to become a success, get it done with exceptional expertise as The Fast Fingers have a team comprised of professionals who are highly skilled and have the experience. Their expertise comes with practice over the years producing high quality books for their clients.

Why The Fast Fingers?

They will offer you not only affordable but quick and quality services too for your book. Below are highlights of our services;

  •  Typesetting - We shall take care of all your typesetting needs including; Standard typesetting, display fonts, restructuring, index formatting, form pages, artistic text flows, document fixing and page layout.
  • e-Book conversion - We are the right people to convert your print file into an e-book file that is compatible with a wide range of e-stores and readers.
  • Book formatting -  We format your book to the requirements of online publishers thus you can obtain our services for self publishing on KDP, Lulu, CreateSpace, Lightning Source and Smashwords.
  • Cover design - We give you the best cover designs that will be an effective tool for marketing your book. A good cover design is very instrumental in making your book a success. It captures the eye of the reader and your book cover will determine how many people will have an interest in your book.
  • Interior design/layout - Get your desired book layout done by our experts to your satisfaction. We are able to give you the best services for your interior design.
  • Quality Images - Good images are not only important in attracting readers but also communicates the message contained in your book at a glance.

We give you the best services at considerably low costs and we are keen to serve you speedily. Our services are highly reliable because we value our clients and we are keen on giving you the best.

Picture book

A picture book can be made from a collection of photos and be not only fun for the readers but also serves as a great way of preserving memories of live events in one’s life. You can make a photo book from pictures taken in memorable events such as weddings, baby showers, family get-together parties or photos of individual family members.

You can make an adventurous book filled with travel pictures captured during an excursion to the park, beach side or a tour out of the country and fill the pages with a great story comprised of photos and captions. Your book can also be the memorable gorgeous moments of your wedding or a new baby. You can create a book on your baby with pictures of his growth displaying his life’s milestones and the sweet little occasions around his or her life.

It’s a wonderful way to keep memories that you relish for future reference in a picture book. You can choose the size you prefer from a range of book sizes and use one of your favorite photos for the cover or simply choose a premium leather picture for the same. Reading such a book can be quite interesting in reliving the past days. During the earlier years of life, life is so colorful and full of enthusiasm both for a child and the parents. Such moments can be captured and put together in a book.

You can choose a title for your book and insert captions for the photos and also obtain unique and customizable backgrounds for your photos. You can create a photo book for print or better still an eBook. The modern advanced technology has come wrapped up as tools on publishing systems to enable you generate great children’s picture books.

Children’s books on KF8.

Kindle Previewer and KindleGen are the new Kindle publisher tools supported by Kindle Format 8 (KF8) you can now download for creating a children’s books whose distinction is unmatched. CSS3 and HTML5 support are some of the outstanding enhancements and features of Kindle Format 8 that is taking over on Amazon file formatting.

KF8 comes with a wide range of elements for formatting such as; numbered lists, drop caps, nested tables, fixed layouts, sidebars, callouts and scalable vector graphics. With this range of capabilities, you definitely can now create great children books that meet the reader’s expectations and beyond.

KF8 is the new enhanced formatting and reading feature for all books, with the new features, Kindle Text Pop Up and Kindle Panel Views offers great fixed layouts for books such as comics, graphic novels and children’s books.

Children’s Book Interior Layout with Distinction

Written by   |   Thursday, 11 July 2013 13:01

Ms Word is a great tool when it comes to writing a book because it is quite easy to format and comes with plenty of tools and elements to enhance your file. Therefore, it is highly commendable that you use Word or convert any existing source to word document to be able to format your work with ease and efficiency.

Excellent e-Book presentation.

Quality content is important to your readers as it provides them with useful information. But you need to remember that unlike adults, children don’t have the ability to take in information, meditate upon it and get a clear picture of what is depicted in the text. Young readers will learn better if the materials they are using incorporate some fun and thus generating interest. Among the most vital elements of a good children’s book is the appearance and the language. Apart from using simple language yet interesting to the readers, you also need to present your content in a layout that is appealing to the young readers. You need to generate the interest of your young readers by using a layout that breaks monotony.

Aspects to consider when formatting children’s books.

Font type is important and it is advisable to use clear fonts such as Aerial, Calibri or Times New Roman which are easy to read. Don’t use complicated fonts which will give your readers a hard time trying to make-up what is written because it will put them off.

Font size is equally important when it comes to children’s books. You will find that many publishers recommend 12-points font but some may have a differing requirement of which you need to find out from your prospective publisher in order to qualify to your publisher’s specifications.

Font color for children’s book should be bright. Apply double spacing between the sentences and disable the function that turns an entire paragraph to a new page if it brakes. Format your text area with 1 inch margin all round.

On the other hand, children are able to grasp signs faster than plain text. Children have a way of learning by what their eyes can see than by following instructions. Thus, a good children’s book is one characterized by visual signs together with text for children to grasp the information better. Moreover, even adults identify with visual language more than plain words or text.

Images tend to embed on the mind and are easily recalled than words with a lot of ease. Good images and quality graphics are paramount in any children’s book that is expected to have a positive impact on the young readers. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to invest wisely on quality images for your children’s book to make it a success. The Fast Fingers is the right team to format your book to your expectations.

CreateSpace eStore, at Amazon, offers a wide range of products which comes with consequent all-inclusive customer reviews. Some of the products at CreateSpace estore include; An Easy Get Started Guide, A Great Book for Beginners, Buy This Book And Get Published, EXCELLENT BOOK, If you plan to Self-publish, here is your handbook, Self-Publishing with Amazon and much more.

Createspace formatting.

  • For better spacing select, “Spacing after” so that the content is not just aligned to the “Return” point but have stylish spacing control.
  • To enable navigation with ease for your readers, create a bookmark to your table of contents, thus they can access it from any location in your book.
  • Copy paste will produce marred images, instead use “insert” (a command executable in word) so that your graphics and photos come in the best resolution.
  • You can insert page breaks between the chapters by applying the word command, “Insert/Page Break” so your work is neatly secured.
  • For any text you wish to emphasize on, don’t locally format but use heading styles that can be modified to suit your desires instead. The heading styles are varied so you need to use the same style for similar text throughout your entire book to make it consistent.
  • Heading style 1 is most suitable for all your chapter titles because it allows you to create hot-linked contents page especially for Kindle eBooks.
  • If you need to convert your transcript file into an eBook, then you will have to remove page numbers and running heads which you may have inserted for your print edition.
  • If you so desire to have a print copy for CreateSpace and another eBook copy for kindle, then you will have to work on a backup copy for your print book file always.

CreateSpace cover formatting.

  • The first step is to determine the width of the spine depending on the number of pages for your book. For colored interior books you will realize that the width is slightly bigger than that of the same pages in white and black for print books.
  • Set up your document in a single pdf consisting of the book spine, front and back cover. You can submit your cover in any size so long as the print specifications are precisely what the size of your book will be.
  • Ensure that your text, images and other elements are securely placed in the safe zone, at least .125” on the inside of the trim line to avoid any being cut off during the trimming process.
  • Ensure that the author name and the book title appear on the book cover as they were during the title set-up process without alteration.
  • Place all your images at a minimum resolution of 300dpi and ensure that they are flattened and they are either RGB or CMYK colors.

eBooks, also referred to as digital books, are electronically accessible books that can be downloaded and you can easily have access to such books by the use of various platforms and eReader devices, that come in varied forms such as; Barnes & Noble Nook, a computer or the Apple iPad. Many readers today are preferably using the internet to access, purchase and read books daily as it’s a more convenient way of keeping in touch with books.

Publishing an ebook opens up for you numerous avenues of making your book a success. eBooks, digital libraries and catalogues are gradually becoming quite popular. Electronic books are the way to go with this digital generation. Online book vendors such as Amazon’s bookstore for kindle, Android Market and the Apple’s iTunes bookstores have been instrumental in cultivating the drastic growth of online book market.

Who is eligible for eBook publishing?

Your eligibility is tied to the given specifications of a particular eBook publishing platform. Each Platform may have different guidelines thus the need for you to find out what suits from the varied benefits from each platform and the requirements attached. Book typesetting and e-book formatting both for the interior and the cover design formatting are the major aspects considered to qualify one’s book for ebook publishing besides the size of the book and images which all play a corporate role in ensuring that your book is eligible for digital publishing.

What are some of the most reliable eBook formatting and publishing platforms?

Lightning Source, Kindle and CreateSpace.

Kindle formatting.

Kindle is one of the most reliable ebook publishing devices that are now dominating the ebook industry. However, you need to be conversant with specifications of kindle in order to make your book a success. Below is a highlight of kindle requirements.

  • Convert your Ms Word document script into a usable HTML.
  • Clean-up the code by removing unsupported tags.
  • Format your book by removing all unsupported or minimally supported elements from your book such as; colors, font sizes, different/varying fonts and margins. Install MobiPocket creator to have your images on kindle. Get finer details from kindle online.

Lightning Source page formatting.

  • LSI offers a rage of page size formatting including, 5” *8” & 6”*9” among other trim sizes available for you to choose the size suitable for your book.
  • Use professional and clearly legible fonts such as Georgia, Times New Roman or Calibri for your book as it plays a great role in adding quality to your book.
  • You may opt for the justified margins which may be great or your book although you may need to adjust a few things such as the headings placement.

Going Digital with eBook Readers; The Best eBook Reader Gadgets

Written by   |   Monday, 01 July 2013 03:00

What is an e-book reader?

It is a portable electronic device designed basically for the purpose of reading e-books. An e-book reader closely resembles a tablet computer and is applicable only to electronic paper. An e-book reader battery is long-lasting and can take from weeks to months before it runs low. Typically, an e-reader has a high and fast refresh rate-screen which makes interaction quite easy.

Book fans will find it more enjoyable to get a digital book reading experience as it’s more convenient. You don’t have to package loads of books when you need to get away and read as you rewind over the vacation on the beach or whichever your designated place of holidaying is. You can read periodicals, personal documents, novels, and poems on your e-reader. It has built-in dictionary and bookmarks to enhance your reading efficiency.

a. Kindle e-reader Wi-Fi, 6” e Ink Display

It comes in a model of 6 inch advanced E Ink display with 2 GB internal memory and about 1.25 Bg user memory. It is reasonably affordable and can store up to 1400 books and can access between 1-2 million books including out-of-copyright ones. It comes with a micro-B connector USB, v2.0 and virtually supports a number of formats including; JPEG, PDF, HTML and TXT.

It allows you to read in bright sunlight with ease and no glare. Also supports Wi-Fi networks to download free book samples. Its other features include; Free Cloud backup, Whispersync, three hours for full charge, 5-way controller, Quick Start Guide and up to 3 weeks battery life. It comes with a Wi-Fi and 600-800 pixels screen resolution characterized with clear fonts.

b. Amazon kindle keyboard 3g

This model comes with a 2 month life battery and can store up to 3,500 books. Has an audio-books speaker, read-to-me and tunes. Whispersync (with varied kindle apps synchronization), Amazon ebook library and a 3g modem.

c. Touch Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-T1,

It’s a lightweight compact touch screen e-book reader that gives you access to an immense catalog of e-books, newspapers and magazines. It supports EPUB files, uses Adobe DRM format and is compatible with any e-book store such as Sony’s online store and local libraries on plus-online-loaners. It also has microSD card expansion slot and offers audio with a 5 week-life battery on a single charge and comes with Wi-Fi.

Note that different ebook readers come with varied features to enable you choose that which suits your needs and according to your budget. Other E-readers include;

  • Kobo eReader
  • Touch Amazon
  • ECTACO jetBook Life
  • Nook HD
  • iPad Mini
  • Nook Tablet
  • Barnes &Noble Nook HD
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  • Fintie Flip Folio Cover
  • Laser EB850 7” 4GB ebook
  • Aldi eBook Reader 7” Brauhn
  • Sony 13.3-inch e-ink slate
  • Sont PRS T2

Best romance novelist are writers who provide readers with elaborate love tails that have far reaching; heartfelt, engaging and compelling details. These writers have a way of drawing readers with stunning love stories that once you start reading you never want to stop and when you are through you are left wishing that the story never ended. Today, a romance novel is not limited to sexually explicit content only but incorporates science fiction as well as historical fiction too.

1) Jane Austine, author of; Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.
2) Catherine Coulter, author of; The Target, The Cove, Impulse, Target, The Sherbrooke Bride, Night Fire, The Hrion Bride, Night Shadow and The Rebel Bride among others.
3) Lisa Klypas, Writer of; Suddenly You, Married By Morning, Love In The Afternoon, Scandal in Spring and When Strangers Marry just to name a few.
4) J.S. Scott, author of ; The Billionaire’s Obsession, Ridding With The Cop, Ethan’s Mate and Mine For Tonight just to name a few.
5) Laura Kinsale, author of; Flowers from the Storm, Hidden Heart, The Shadow And The Star and The Prince Of Midnight just to highlight some.
6) Sandy Lynn, writer of; Forever You and Forever Black, Eloquent silence, A Treasure Worth Seeking, Love Beyond Reason, Prime Time and Love’s Encore.
7) Bella Andre, author of; One Perfect Night, The Way You Look Tonight, The Look Of Love and Always On My Mind among others.
8) Kendall Ryan, writer of; The Impact Of You, Hard To Love, Resisting Her, Unravel me and Make Me Yours.
9) Marie Force, author of; Maid For Love, Treading Water, Fatal Mistake and Time for Love among others.
10) Colleen Thompson, writer of; Passion To protect, Fatal Error, Relentless Protector and Deadlier Than The Male among others.
11) Nora Roberts, author of; Inner Habor, Whiskey Beach, Happy Ever After and the Fall Of Shane MacKade among others.
12) Debbie Macomber, writer of; Rose Narbor In Bloom, Baby Blessed, Starting Now and Heartsong.
13) Sherryl Woods, author of; Sand Castle Bay, Wind Chime Point, Edge Of Forever and Sea Glass Island.
14) Linda Howar, author of; Dream Man, Death Angel, Veil Of The Night, Up Close And Dangerous, Burn and Ice among others.
15) Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Autjhor of; It Had To Be You, Nobody’s Baby But Mine and The Great Escape.
16) Lavyrle Spencer, author Of; Morning Glory, Endearment & The Fulfilment, Forsaking All Others just to mention a few.
17) Julie Garwood, author of the book; The Bride, Honors Splendour, The Lions Lady and Heartbreaker amidst others.
18) Diana Gabaldon, Writer of; OUTLANDER, Dragonfry In Amber and Drums of Autumn among others.
19) Jude Deveraux, author of; A Knight In Shining Amor, Lavender Morning and the Summer House.
20) Judith MacNaught, author of; A Kingdom Of Dreams, Someone To Watch Over Me and Night Whispers only to highlight a few.


Books have been the greatest resource for human civilization that has prevailed over time and still persists in present times as ebooks. Thanks to modern technology which has come not to do away with books but to enhance them. Book industry is quite vast and a number of individuals and systems play varied roles in making the industry run well. Book review sites, agencies and companies are key in making book publishing a success. Below is a brief evaluation of each system and a list of the top best of each.

1. What are book reviews?

A book review a literal evaluation of a book based on its originality, style and content. The length of a book review may vary from a comprehensive essay to a short summary. What could make a bad or a good review is a reader’s personal taste. One may prefer a detailed essay on the concepts of a book coupled with the author’s opinion, while others may prefer a precise summary on the plot of the book.

What’s the importance of a book review?

A book reader feedback serves to encourage visitors to read great books. A review will help you identify a great book from good books and many people will go by the opinion of others before they purchase something and the same goes for books. A good reputation about a book can only be rendered sincerely by a reader.

Below is a list of highly reliable book review sites.

  • The New York Times
  • AllReaders.com
  • BookPage.com
  • BookReporter.com
  • GoodRads
  • LibraryThing
  • BookBrowse
  • Shelfari
  • BookRabbit.com
  • BoookPeople
  • Beta.anobii.com
  • Idreambooks.com
  • Wattpad.com
  • Authonomy .com
  • Scribophile.com
  • Bookcountry.com
  • Bookkus.com

2. Book Agencies.

A book agency is a body that represents a writer and his written work to publishers and assists him in the deal negotiation and sale of the book. Agencies get fixed revenue of a given percentage off the sales realized from the deal which is 15% for local deals and 20% from foreign sales.

Some of the top agencies include;

  • Trident Media Group
  • Writers House
  • Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
  • Inkwell Management
  • The Knight Agency
  • Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  • MacGregor Literary
  • William Morris Agency
  • Donald Maass Literary Agency
  • Waxman Literary Agency
  • Hartline Literary Agency
  • Harvey Klinger
  • Folio Literary Management
  • Curtis Brown UK
  • Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
  • David Black Literary Agency
  • Natasha Kern Literary Agency
  • Transatlantic Literary Agency

3. Book publishing companies.

Below is a list of the world leading book publishers:-

  • Penguin books
  • Random house
  • Pan Macmillan
  • Oxford University Press
  • Harper Collins
  • Pearson Education
  • Random House
  • Hachette Livre
  • John Willy AND Sons
  • Simon & Schuster

teriOne Thousand Showers: A University Immersed in a Culture of Retaliation and an Avalanche of Lies  by Terri  Patraw 

Book Description

Playing by the rules was the only game in town as far as Terri Patraw was concerned even though it was the consensus that the town in question – Reno, Nevada – played by its own rules. Terri Patraw was a highly successful Division I soccer coach and recruiter with the requisite aggressive, scrappy personality that goes with it. When she reported wrongdoing of a fellow coach her world was turned upside down by a culture of retaliation that engulfed an entire college campus. Eventually, Athletic Director Cary Groth and others including the Nevada System of Higher Education, the university legal team and the band of mercenary attorneys that they over time amassed against her, the local media, the entire Nevada judicial system and ultimately even the NCAA would learn that she is a fighter, a winner, and not one to be intimidated. This story is straight out of today’s headlines - Lance Armstrong, Penn State, Rutgers, Mike Leach/Texas Tech, University of Miami, and others - and will turn heads nationally in the NCAA, judicial, and higher education communities.

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