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Free Book Formatting Software

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With self-publishing rising among many authors, a lot of them have become tech savvy and more into doing their own projects. Being an all-around is important once you decide to self-publish. You don’t expect a publishing company to repackage and edit your work so it will sell. You have to do things on your own, from writing, editing, formatting, selling and even advertising your work.

Book formatting is probably as important as writing it. Having the right layout is important in achieving the perfect saleable book. This will affect how your book will look like on eBook readers and on print. There are a number of different book formatting software that are available for authors. These software can help you in the layout of your book. Having one will be an advantage especially if you are doing all the work by yourself. You would also be using the software in formatting your next books, especially if you see yourself writing more.

Your book’s layout or format is important especially if you want to publish and sell your work already. Self-publishing platforms and print-on demand (POD) publishers would require books to be formatted and be ready for printing or for digital distribution. You cannot start selling unless this requirement is met. You also need to format your book depending on your book’s type or genre and the platform that you will be using. You have to match the format style and how you want your book to come out. Artistic formatting is best for fiction novels. It wouldn’t be fit to use stylish formatting for business or technical books.

You can readily get the professional book that you need in order to start selling when you already have a book formatting software. However, you will need to pay a certain amount if you want to get a professional book formatting software. Adobe InDesign and InCopy are not free software but you can download a free trial. There are few free book formatting software that you can get online. This lessens the expenses in purchasing new software for layout. This can be useful to first time authors who don’t have enough budget to buy a layout software.When looking for free book formatting software, you have to make sure that it is legit. Do not go to shady sites that offer free download of different software and programs. You wouldn’t want to download viruses that can harm your computer, instead. Check out the comments and feedback left by the other users. This is essential especially in checking if the software does work. You may also want to check if the software is user-friendly and easy to use.

The Fast Fingers offers affordable book formatting service that conforms the specification of your chosen publishing platform.

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