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How to Properly Format Your Book

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As a self-publishing author, one of the things that you have to know is how to format your book. You will have to rely on yourself to do everything from conceptualizing the book to marketing it to prospect readers.

You need to know how to format your book as this is important in getting the look that you want. Proper book formatting is also essential as self-publishing platforms and other POD publishers. Proper book formatting varies depending on the platform or publisher that you are using. Each has its own requirement especially on the file format or the paper size, so make sure that you know what these requirements are beforehand.

Although you can freely customize your book to suit your style and preference, it would still be best to make the format look standard. If possible, make your book simple. Simplicity is always the best, not to mention the easiest to do.

Put ample of space in your work. This gives more white space for your readers’ eyes to rest on. It can also make your work more readable. If you are printing your book, you need to increase the margins on the left where the bindings will be. Make sure that you know how much space the bindings will need so you can adjust your format accordingly. Also include the proper indentation of paragraphs and page breaks.

Fonts are something that must also be formatted properly. Unusual font styles are also good if that’s the look that you want to achieve. If you are writing a technical book, this kind of font won’t really work for you. There are some fonts that are hard to read and may not be available with the printers. Keep font style and size standard to make everything easier for you. They are readable and you are sure that publishers have them. Align the texts properly, as well.

Arrange and work with the images correctly. If you have charts or photos, place them properly in the content. Put the headers and the footers in the right place. Also choose the right heading style for every chapter. Make sure that there are page numbers on every page and that the table of contents is correct. Add a title page and a copyright page on your book. These are indispensable to every work that you will do. Most importantly, recheck and finalize your work. Make sure every element can be found on the book, like page numbers, margins, headers etc.

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