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CreateSpace Cover Creator

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Most of the budding writers nowadays prefer self-publishing than the traditional method of publishing. Self-publishing is faster. You will not have to be rejected by agents. Because of this, there are already a number of self-publishing platforms made available online. These platforms are usually free, although there are some that asks for a minimum fee.

These platforms let you upload your manuscript, format them accordingly and publish them through the platform. Although these platforms aid you in most of the things required to create a good book, you are expected to write your own manuscript, complete it and edit it. You are responsible for everything about the manuscript. Doing these things may not be a problem for younger writers and those that are knowledgeable about these platforms. There are other writers who, unfortunately, go only go so far as MS Word.  That’s just not it. When you are self-publishing, it’s not just the manuscript that you should worry about but also the cover as well. This is difficult for those who do not know about graphics and using graphics editing programs. But, it’s good to know that there are platforms that aid you in creating your book covers. One of these platforms is CreateSpace.

CreateSpace, like any other platforms, lets you upload your manuscript, format it and publish it. Aside from that it also has a Cover Creator that will help you in creating your very own book cover. You can start with uploading your manuscripts and formatting them. You can save your work at any level and resume after you’re finished with the cover. Make sure that you already have registered an account with CreateSpace before starting.

When you launch the Cover Creator tool, you will be able to see 30 different templates. These templates already have fixed positions for the ISBN, author’s name, book title and others. There are also some templates that allow you to insert the author’s photo and even add images. You also have the freedom to change the color of the template to any color that you want. Once you’ve chosen a design, you can write the details of the book in a navigational pane. Createspace also has a library of images, in case you want to use photos. You can also use your own. Adjusting the resolution and size is also easy. Until you haven’t submitted your cover and your manuscript to CreateSpace, then you still can change your cover template anytime.

The great thing about using CreateSpace is that you can create eBooks for Kindle. Kindle formatting is easy with CreateSpace. They also have wide options for distributions which will work perfectly for you in order to gain a wider audience. Not only is the Cover Creator a great help, you can also reaching out to the CreateSpace help desk.

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