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CreateSpace Interior Reviewer Tool

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CreateSpace is one of the leading self-publishing platforms that independent authors use. Aside from providing the writers a venue where they can publish, platforms also provide them with the basic services essential to self-publishing. We all know that one of the difficult things about being a self-publishing author has to do everything on your own. This includes proofreading, designing and editing the book. This is why platforms are providing these services to make the process easier for the authors.

CreateSpace Interior Reviewer is one of the tools that CreateSpace provides to authors. This helps in checking formatting problems and issues that the book has. Reviewing and editing the book is the hardest part aside from creating the storyline. This usually takes a lot of time and effort to check every page and every word. Most often, a single error can be missed. With the Interior Reviewer, you can get notified fast when there are problems with the formatting. You can see your entire book including the formatting issues that needs corrections. You will also be able to view your book as if it has already been printed to know how it will look like. The tool is easy to use and easy to navigate to check every page for errors.

To use this tool, you just need to be connected to the internet and have the file for the interiors of your book. First, you need to upload the file to your book. This can either be in PDF or in .doc. The file will then be converted into print-ready format. You can view the file as if you are already reading the printed copy of the book so that you can easily check the errors and the problem of the formatting. Aside from that, the tool also scans the manuscript so that it can identify the printing errors. The tool highlights all these errors so that you can readily see and correct the issues. It is also able to auto-fix the manuscript to match the trim size that you want.

The image quality and margin issues are just some of the problems that the tool addresses. High quality images are preferred to be in the interior of the book. This is to have a better quality with the printing. The tool alerts the author when there is a low resolution image in the interior. The author can, however, just ignore this and move to other issues if he thinks this is not important. The margin error happens when the text gets swallowed up by the margin required in binding the book. So, you’ll have to correct any error to make the information visible.

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