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CreateSpace Marketing Services

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 Marketing is the last and final step in self-publishing. This also is valuable in the success of the book. An effective marketing strategy will surely help in increasing the sales of the book an in attracting a lot of readers. CreateSpace offers different marketing services that can help authors in selling their work. These marketing services come with a price. You’ll get services depending on the amount that you’ve paid. Of course, you’ll be aided with professionals in creating your marketing plans and materials. You can choose to have publicity services, review services, distribution, and even marketing materials.

 For publicity services, you are able to choose between press release creation and press release with distribution. You will have to pay $199 for the former which just includes a basic yet professional press release for your book. The latter costs $598 and will include a detailed press release along with a target distribution market depending on the book’s genre and story and the author’s origin. Having a press release can be really helpful in generating awareness about your new book. Furthermore, when you have target distribution outlets, you can attract the targeted readers that you want.

We all know that getting reviews can be helpful in setting up your own name and your book’s fame. This can also attract readers to get your book. You can get a Kirkus Indie review, either the standard one, for $379, which takes 10 weeks or the express one, for $529, which takes five weeks. Another review service available is the Clairon review. For a standard Foreword Clairon review, you’ll have to wait eight weeks and pay $399. For an expedited review, on the other hand, it will take 4 weeks and will cost $549. You can use these reviews for marketing purposes. You can even put these reviews on your site and on your book as well.

 There are also other marketing materials that you can avail of in CreateSpace like bookmarks, publicity kit, video book trailer, posters, business cards, sell sheets and postcards. Each of these materials has a fee that you have to pay. These materials can be useful as marketing tools and will be done by professionals.

 You can also get marketing resources from CreateSpace that can help you in creating your marketing plan and strategy. These resources are free and can give you a lot of information and insights with marketing your ebook. This can give you light on what approach to take and which marketing materials and services you need.

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