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CreateSpace Royalties: Overview

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Self-publishing has made the lives of a lot of aspiring writers easier. With self-publishing, authors can publish their own work, gain profit and maintain their copyright without having to go through the traditional process of publishing. Writers are responsible for the entire production of their books and can choose the way they sell it. Authors can make use of their choice of platforms in self-publishing. There are actually different platforms to choose from. One of the known platforms for self-publishing is CreateSpace by Amazon.

One of the things that self-published writers like about CreateSpace is their royalty. With every book that you sell, you gain a profit, royalty. This royalty depends on the size of your book and the price that you set for it. The royalty is of course already deducted with CreateSpace’s share. So you have to know how CreateSpace calculate their own share to know how big your royalties are.

CreateSpace’s shares consist of the sales channel percentage, fixed charge, and per-page charge. The sales channel percentage is the certain percentage from the list price of your book. The percentage will depend on the channel that you used in selling your book. You can choose from three channels:, CreateSpace eStore, and the Expanded Distribution Channel.  Amazon takes away 40% of every book sale from the price list. CreateSpace eStore, on the other hand, takes away 20%, and the Expanded Distribution Channel takes away 60%. Of course, every channel choice has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The fixed charges that CreateSpace gets are the fees for the book’s interior along with the page count. This will depend on the page count of your book and its color. If your book has 24 to 108 pages with black and white interior, you will be charged $3.66 for ever book and if you have 110 to 828 pages, it will cost you $1.50 per book. For full color books, the prices are different. Full color ones with 24 to 40 pages will be charged $6.55 for ever book, and $1.75 per book with 42 to 500 pages. However, when you are in Pro Plan, a yearly subscription in CreateSpace, you will have discounted fixed charges.

Lastly, with per-page charges, you will have to pay higher costs with more pages. This can also depend on the interior of the book. For black and white books, you won’t be paying a single penny for those with only 24 to 108 pages. However, if you have 110 to 828 pages, you’ll be paying $0.02 for every page. For full-color books, there will be no charges for those with 24 to 40 pages, but with 42 to 500 pages, you’ll have to pay $0.12 per page. Just like for fixed charges, when you are in Pro Plan, you’ll be receiving a discount with your per-page charges.

The good thing with CreateSpace is that you can calculate your earnings beforehand. By using their royalty calculator, you can have a close estimate with how much you’re going to earn when you have published your work. You will have to input your list price, the interior type of your book, the number of pages and the trim size. The calculator will directly give you your possible royalties depending on the channel and your subscription with CreateSpace.

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