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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) (30)

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing on Kindle

Written by   |   Thursday, 26 July 2012 07:09

Surely, you have heard a lot about Kindle. If you are thinking about publishing your book through this remarkable system, then you would most certainly need a detailed guide especially if you are a self-publisher and a beginner at that.

Create an Account in Kindle Direct Publishing

Create an account at kpd.amazon.com in order to be able to use the KDP system. If you already have an existing account with amazon.com, you can also use the log-in information to sign up with KDP. All you have to do is to enter the email address that you have registered with Amazon and choose the option that says “I am a returning customer, and my password is” then type in your password in order to access your account. In the event that you do not have an Amazon account yet, the steps below will show you how to create one:

  • Click the icon that says “Sign up” at the homepage of KDP (http://kdp.amazon.com).
  • Type in the email address that you want to use and choose the option for “I am a new customer”.
  • Type in your desired username and password.
  • After you have logged in, you will see the message that will inform you that your account is still incomplete. You need to click the icon that says “Update Now” so that you will be allowed to publish your book through the KDP system.
  • After completion, you will be directed to the page that contains your account profile, payment information, tax details and Company/Publisher.

Types of Kindle-Ready Files

In order to get the best results for your book, it is important to note that certain file formats are required before you upload the content of your book. The recommended formats are the following:

  • Microsoft Word document
  • Zipped HTML (.zip)
  • ePub (.epub)
  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • MobiPocket (.prc and .mobi)

The website also offers customer support to users who will meet problems while publishing their books. The entire process is easy but you can always use the guides provided or read the FAQ section if you will encounter technical difficulties.

Book formatting is required if you want to self-publish your book online. If you need help in formatting the content of your book, the team of experts at The Fast Fingers is ready to assist you at all times.



If you work in the publishing industry, you would most certainly know about the latest advancements brought about by internet technology. But if you are a newcomer in this business, it is very important for you to keep abreast with the latest methods to publish your book in order to reach a wider audience.

One very useful tool for both writers and publishers is Kindle Direct Publishing. A good number of successful writers have made their works available to the public through this Kindle service. It is a fast and easy way to get your books published. What’s more, you can avail of the service anytime because it is for free.

Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP offers three different ways to prepare books.

Do It Yourself

A writer or publisher may choose the “Do it Yourself Option” which also comes with a guide for building your book for Kindle. It features a step-by-step tutorial for designing, formatting and creating your book to make it available for Kindle users.

Print and Digital

Authors also have the option of using print and digital media for their book. This service is available through CreateSpace which is an Amazon.com Company. With CreateSpace, you may choose to start with the free services or you may also explore the paid publishing services offered on the site. Independent publishers would indubitably appreciate the higher royalties, comprehensive book services, free and easy tools and the wide distribution options.

Use a Conversion Service

Many different services that specialize in eBook conversion are available to authors and publishers.  Those who need the help of experts in terms of adjusting and integration to come up with a good eBook may try Booknook, Datamatics, CreateSpace and Smart Site, just to name a few.

 Another noteworthy characteristic of Kindle Direct Publishing is the fact that it allows you to publish your book in many different languages like English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. And on top of that, you may also indicate the pricing of the book in terms of US Dollars, Euros, Sterling and Pounds.

If you have already published your book and you want to make some changes with the converted text, the cover image or the book details, you may also consider Kindle Direct Publishing for these needs. The service also has a new feature which allows the author or publisher to notify customers in the event of content updates.

You can join the community forum or send an email anytime you need assistance regarding the services offered by Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you have concerns or questions about the technical aspects of book publishing, you may contact the experts at The Fast Fingers to get the answers you need.

eBook Conversion, Inexpensive Typesetting and Formatting Service

Written by   |   Wednesday, 25 April 2012 05:02

An ebook is the electronic or digitized version that is highly portable and could be stored in any media. We could store any number of ebooks in our desktop or laptop, ebook reader device, mobile and smart phones. While there are plenty of ebooks available in the internet in variety of formats, initially one has to have a good knowledge of the different formats and its supported devices. There are several formats to create an ebook and one of the most widely accepted format is the Adobe PDF as it is very compatible with any kind of devices. All that it requires is a small piece of pdf reader software which is freely available in the internet. One disadvantage with the PDF file type is that sometimes the text does not fit in appropriately in devices that has smaller screens and may require zooming and navigation.  

Apart from the PDF, there is Mobipocket, Kindle, Epub, Ereader, Microsoft etc. There are innumerable ebook creation and conversion softwares that you could try it yourself downloading and installing them on your PC. If your plan is just to have your text converted as an ebook for personal use it is well and good to try it out yourself. But, if you are planning to publish your manuscript as an ebook, then it is vital that you ought to depend on any professional ebook creation services. Because, when it comes to creating or converting your manuscript as an ebook there are lots of guidelines that you must follow to make your book highly readable and attractive.

Services like Kindle conversion are very popular and if you have a plan to make your book available in the Kindle store, then you may have to follow the rules of formatting for Kindle version and these books could only be read on Kindle devices. As a writer, it is obvious that you cannot spare much time for all such activities. The best option would be to leave it to some dependable and affordable ebook creation and conversion agency to take care of your manuscript. That’s the only way to get started with a highly professionally designed work. But, there are numerous people out there in the internet who promise to make your ebook great and do nothing more than creating an unstructured product.

It is important for you to carefully consider before choosing an ebook specialist. You have to verify their credentials and portfolios of their services before you could assign them yours. The style of the ebook varies according to the content and genre. You have to be very careful in providing them your ideas and expectations and discussing things clearly. All these would make the conversion process easier and enable to have a very organised and quality product. The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service is an inexpensive typesetting and formatting service assisting you to publish your work easily. They are highly-experienced in formatting your works to the standards of CreateSpace, Lulu, Lightning Source etc. They also specialised in ebook conversion, cover design and audio/video transcription. You have all your publishing needs under one roof that makes their service great.

Writing and Selling an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing

Written by   |   Thursday, 19 April 2012 01:16

The traditional way to publish a book is to write a book and then look for an agent who is ready to work for you and has got contact with relevant publishers. This method has got high chances of failure as the publisher or the agent may reject whole of your work or ask you to do changes to the story which may eat the soul of your story. The whole of your labor goes in vain because of interruption of the publisher.

eBooks have changed the whole scenario for the writers. It has come as an escape from all these publisher’s issues and get your book published at no cost. You don’t need a publisher or an agent for this.There are a lot of eBook readers but Kindle is the most popular one. It is the most selling product on Amazon. It seems it will keep dominating the market.

Now the question is how to write and sell a book using Kindle? It is no different than writing for paper form. You just have to take care of few things regarding formatting mentioned below.

Put all the material together in eBook format

You should use Microsoft Word while typing the text as converting into Kindle format is very easy from it. You can also use other writing software as well. But you should always keep in mind that it is a good word processor. If you don’t have one, you should be downloading one before you start writing.

Designing your cover page

In a traditional form, the publisher gets the cover page designed for you but as you are your own publisher here, you will have to do it on your own. You can go for free images that match with your content or you can use Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop or any similar drawing software for creating your own image. The image should be 600 wide by 900 high.  Finally you need to put your title and other details required on front and back cover.

Plotting the story and managing your table of content

As the first 10% of the book can be viewed by the readers on Amazon, you should be careful about this part. It should be interesting and engaging and should have a mystery in it. Plotting the story in this way will bring you lots of readers. So, make sure to include interesting topic in introduction and also keep your title of contents very interesting so that your readers get tempted to buy the book.

Managing your product description

You need to give the best product description as this is what brings the customers for your book. It is the material that goes on the back cover. It is nearly about 100 to 140 words. It should be neither too short nor too long so that the readers must feel he knows enough of the story to buy the book but doesn’t feel bored.

Publishing your eBook

You should get an account on Amazon on Kindle Direct Publishing. Then you need to start uploading your product description, title of content and the main content. Finally you need to click “save and publish” and your book is on sale on Kindle.

So, this is how to write and sell an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Create An eBook with MobiPocket Creator

Written by   |   Saturday, 07 April 2012 23:23

Self-publishing is becoming a trend for a lot of aspiring writers. Instead of going through an agent to get a publisher, more writers are opting to publish their own books on their own. The technology we have right now makes it even easier as there are different software and programs that can help in creating books. 

The MobiPocket Creator is a tool that is used to create electronic books or eBooks that are in the MOBI format. This allows you to make your own eBooks without a sweat since there are wizards that help you in setting up your table of contents and your cover page. There are also built-in templates that can help you in making your documents or databases, be it for a photo album, a personal travel guide or a wine database. It’s also fairly easy to use as the working environment is powerful and simple. Navigation though the software is similar to that of websites. You can also personalize your documents easily with the Creator. There is an option that allows you to send your eBook directly to your PDA. There are also security options for your files like password-protected, encrypted and no encryption. You can protect the distribution of your work through the Digital Rights Management (DRM).

The MobiPocket Creator has two editions: the home and the publisher. You may have to use the Publisher version, especially when you are building eBooks for commercial purposes. This allows you to customize your files and create a suitable output for distribution. The publisher version also has other features like PDF import, encryption level, metadata editor, and integrated deploy feature. There are also certain file formats that you can import like PDF, OEB, XSL or XML, RTF, HTML or XHTML, and Microsoft Word documents. It can also support certain image file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. If you want to review the output and results of your work, you may also consider getting a MobiPocket Reader. 

This tool can only be used by those who are using Microsoft Windows. The good thing is that, there is a MobiPocket Creator free download in its official website. This makes it advantageous for you, especially if you are starting out as an author and you don’t have extra money for purchasing eBook creating software. Aside from this software, there are also other book formatting programs, tools, and software that you may want to check out. These can definitely help you in creating the great books that you want.


Steps in Self-Publishing to Kindle Direct Publishing

Written by   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

To a number of aspiring writers, getting published is one of their major goals. It feels great just to have a printed copy of your book sold at bookstores. But as we all know, the process can be really long. This is why a lot of the new writers prefer using self-publishing platforms. The Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the many platforms that you can use. This is an easy way to publish your own book without having to wait or to face rejection. This platform will aid you in creating eBooks and Kindle eBooks.

To start using the Kindle Direct Publishing, you must finish your manuscript first. This means completing every component of your book from the cover page to the back page. You must also have proofread your work and edited it. Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your book. Have it checked by two or more people to ensure quality. You can save your files even in MS Word formats. Just make sure that you have saved it in compatible file formats. One more thing, make sure that you wrote the manuscript yourself. Never have the urge to publish what is not yours or you may have problems.

After guaranteeing that your manuscript is error free, you can now set up your own account. Go to the website and register. It’s fairly simple, you just have to provide all the necessary information required. You may also be required to provide your social security number including a method where you want to get paid, for royalties. After creating your account, you can now start the publishing process.

In Kindle formatting, start by putting your title. You can click the Bookshelf tab in your dashboard and add a new title. This is just easy. You are just required to fill in the fields that would ask for the details of the book, its description, and contributors if any. You also have to provide the categories of the book, the publisher, date of publication and ISBN if you have one.

After you have set up the details of your book, you can go ahead and start uploading it. The first thing to upload is the cover. Having a product image will allow customers to see what your book looks like. It will also help in selling your book. Have an image that is in .jpg or .tiff file. The contents of the book come next. But before you upload them, you might want to think over the digital rights management option. This will control on how the book is distributed digitally. Once you’ve picked an option, start uploading. You have an option to preview the book to see how it looks like after rendering. You can save the files if you’re satisfied.

Before you get to publish it, you will have to choose on the royalty and the price of your book. You can choose either the 35% royalty or the 70% royalty. When you’re done with this tough ordeal, you can now save your book and publish it. Your book will already show up in the Kindle store in a day or two.


Kindle Format 8 (KF8): Amazon’s Next Generation File Format

Written by   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Kindle Format 8 (KF8) is Amazon’s next generation file format offering more than 150 new features and enhancements that includes HTML5 and CSS3 support that publishers can use to create all types of books. KF8 powers the book reader Kindle Fire and it replaces the Mobi format. Included in the 150 new formatting capabilities are embedded fonts, drop caps and CSS selectors such as line spacing, alignment, justification, margin, color, style and border. Kindle Direct Publishing supports KF8 so books created using the new Kindle Publishing Guidelines can be published via KDP.

Kindle Fire is the first to support the Kindle Fire 8Mobi format ebook will still work with e-ink devices and apps though, they just need to be updated. Just read the Kindle Publishing Guidelines to learn the update process.

via Amazon.com

Getting Started in Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing

Written by   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing platform provided by Amazon, of course. This provides an outlet to a lot of independent writers to create and format their own books for free.

Setting up your own account in KDP is easy. You just need to sign in your Amazon account. If you don’t have an account with Amazon, you can just make your own since it’s fast and easy. When you’re done, you just have to log into your account and start with your publishing.

The process is easy and basic. Click the Bookshelf menu found on the upper part of the page. This will lead you to a page that will allow you to enter the title of your book and other important details about your book like the description, language and others. You can also put in search tags to make your book easier to locate for shoppers. After this, you can already upload your manuscript along with the cover.

You can use different file formats when uploading your book. You can use Microsoft Word (.doc), ePub (.epub), Adobe PDF (.pdf), MobiPocket (.prc and .mobi), and Text (.txt). After you upload the files, you’ll be directed to the pricing tab where you get to set a price for your book and get your royalties. You can choose two options for your royalties, either the 70 or 35 percent royalties. Each of these royalties has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has its own different features that you’ll have to read about so that you can decide which one is for you.

With KDP, you are not just provided the means of publishing you are also provided with tools and resources that can help you in formatting and converting your work. You can also post questions and look for tips at the community page of KDP. You can find that there a lot of independent authors that are helping out others by sharing their experiences and giving answers to questions posted by other writers.

KDP can help you in selling your work through the different Amazon websites. It will also be able for purchase for the different Kindle users and Kindle app users. This makes your book available to a large number of consumers and active e-reader user. Aside from using KDP to publish your ebook for free, you may also want to expand your reach by printing paper books through CreateSpace. By using a number of channels for selling, you are increasing your chances of selling your work to a larger market.


How to Publish Through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Written by   |   Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:00

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform that allows budding writers to start their career in the world of books. This is a free platform which allows you to upload your manuscript, edit and format the copy and start selling it to readers. You can sell your work in ebook format to readers through Amazon.

If you want to publish with KDP, make sure that you have edited and prepared your manuscript before you publish your work. Editing and proofreading your work to ensure that it's error free is your responsibility. Unlike the traditional publishing process, there are editors that will clean your manuscript for you. In self-publishing, you have to do everything on your own. The quality of your work will reflect on the kind of writing that you do. You have the choice to hire people to edit your manuscript if needed. You can also use the tools provided by KDP in reviewing your work. Make sure that your content fits with KDP’s guidelines. Any pornography on your manuscript is not allowed by KDP. Do not plagiarize your content or else you will run the risk of being removed from the KDP community.

Once you have completed all the pre-publishing requirements of your manuscript and have polished every chapter of your book, you can already begin the publishing process. But before anything else, make sure that you already have your Amazon login. When you are already logged in with KDP, click the Bookshelf tab and this will direct you to another page where you will add the title of the book. This is also where you include the details of your work like the description, the author, language, categories, tags and even the ISBN.

After you have filled up the details, you can upload your book content and cover. This page will also allow you to choose a digital rights management (DRM) for your book. This will be important in managing your content when it’s already up for sale. You can also preview your content and see how it will look like on a Kindle device. You have to confirm the content rights of your work. You will have to choose the right publishing rights, which determine your copyright for your work, and the content rights, which identifies the territorial scope of your rights for your work.

You settle the pricing and the royalty, afterwards. With KDP, you are able to choose the royalty for your work. You can choose either 70 or 35 percent of royalty. Each royalty has its own descriptions, advantages and disadvantages. So choose one that matches the target market and your marketing plan for your work. Once you have completed everything, you are now ready to publish your work by clicking the save and publish button.

Marketing your Book through KDP

Written by   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Publishing the book is not the end of the self-publishing process. There’s actually more to go. Selling a copy is probably the ideal end that every writer should aim. So, there’s a lot more to do than just successfully publishing. You’ll have to market your book after making your title available to bookstores or online bookstores.

By successfully marketing your book, you are able to make as much sales as you can. Marketing is probably an integral factor in an author’s success in sales. There are actually a lot of marketing strategies that can be used in order to boost sales.

You can market your book effectively by using the right keywords for your book. Keywords are important especially if you want your books to be searchable. Make sure that you put relevant keywords that can help your book show up in the search results. You can use up to five keywords.

By putting your book into the right category, readers can readily see. There are readers who prefer certain genre over the other. When you’ve filed your book correctly into the right categories, it gives even more visibility.

Aside from these strategies, you could also make use of the promotion tips on the Merchandising page of KDP. By making sure that your book is available to a larger number of countries. This means that you have the right to sell copies of your book in the country.

There are some authors who prefer having a printed copy of their books sold aside from just ebooks. If you are also offering printed copies of your work, you can link this to your Kindle version. This allows readers and buyers to know that you are also offering printed versions and may also lead to sales for your printed copies. The KDP system will automatically search for a printed counterpart of your book in the Amazon catalog. So, make sure that you’ve placed the right titles so the system can easily look for the other version.

Website linking is also a good tool to be used.  This can help you in promoting your book and in providing even more information about your work as well. KDP allows you to put a link to your website. However, there are certain rules that have to be followed when putting links so make sure that you follow each of them.

Most readers lend books to friends and family. Lending is probably an old tradition practiced by readers. This act of sharing one’s copy is also a good way to market your work. This can help encourage other readers to purchase a copy especially if they liked your work.

These are just some of the tips that you can do in marketing and merchandising your work through KDP.  Combining different strategies together can help in creating a stronger marketing plan and can help you in boosting your sales.


Managing Your Sales in KDP

Written by   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Selling your work is something that pays all your efforts in writing and publishing your work. It is the aim of every writer to sell copies of his books. A writer’s success is measured by how many copies he has sold and how much money he has earned. So every author tries his very best in selling his work. This is the reward for all the hard work in editing and in creating your book.

Making a sale through the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) goes a certain process. In getting paid with KDP, you can either receive your payments either through mail or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). You need to have earned at least 100 either in euro, US dollars, or British pounds to get a check mailed to you. For EFT, you need to earn at least 10. The payments for your sales will be made 60 days after the last day of the calendar month. In order to receive payments, make sure that you have updated your account information like your bank details and such.

You can also monitor your sales with KDP. You have the option to use three tools in viewing your sales. You can see your sales from the prior six weeks and toggle between different countries. You will see a table with your earnings per week. It has the number of copies that you sold and refunded per week, list price and royalty.

The month-to-date unit sales option is a report that allows you to see the sales you’ve made from the prior and the current month. You can also see here the number of units that you’ve sold, refunded and borrowed. The last option is the prior months’ royalties. This gives you a report on your KDP transaction per month. These reports are usually tabulated on the 15th day of the month. With this option, you can see the invoice, the number of copies that you have sold and those that you have refunded, the royalty, list price and list price currency, and the discount percentage.

You’ll have to be reminded that your sales will also depend on the kind of royalty that you opted. In KDP, you can choose two royalties, either the 35 percent or the 70 percent royalty. Each of this royalty has its own perks. Each has different covered territories, royalty calculation, delivery costs and matching competitor prices. You will have to weigh your preferences and what you think is a better option for you.


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