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Create An eBook with MobiPocket Creator

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Self-publishing is becoming a trend for a lot of aspiring writers. Instead of going through an agent to get a publisher, more writers are opting to publish their own books on their own. The technology we have right now makes it even easier as there are different software and programs that can help in creating books. 

The MobiPocket Creator is a tool that is used to create electronic books or eBooks that are in the MOBI format. This allows you to make your own eBooks without a sweat since there are wizards that help you in setting up your table of contents and your cover page. There are also built-in templates that can help you in making your documents or databases, be it for a photo album, a personal travel guide or a wine database. It’s also fairly easy to use as the working environment is powerful and simple. Navigation though the software is similar to that of websites. You can also personalize your documents easily with the Creator. There is an option that allows you to send your eBook directly to your PDA. There are also security options for your files like password-protected, encrypted and no encryption. You can protect the distribution of your work through the Digital Rights Management (DRM).

The MobiPocket Creator has two editions: the home and the publisher. You may have to use the Publisher version, especially when you are building eBooks for commercial purposes. This allows you to customize your files and create a suitable output for distribution. The publisher version also has other features like PDF import, encryption level, metadata editor, and integrated deploy feature. There are also certain file formats that you can import like PDF, OEB, XSL or XML, RTF, HTML or XHTML, and Microsoft Word documents. It can also support certain image file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. If you want to review the output and results of your work, you may also consider getting a MobiPocket Reader. 

This tool can only be used by those who are using Microsoft Windows. The good thing is that, there is a MobiPocket Creator free download in its official website. This makes it advantageous for you, especially if you are starting out as an author and you don’t have extra money for purchasing eBook creating software. Aside from this software, there are also other book formatting programs, tools, and software that you may want to check out. These can definitely help you in creating the great books that you want.


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