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How to Format Your eBook Cover for Kindle Publishing

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The updated specs for an ebook’s cover file should fall within the 1500-2400 pixels range, with a 1.6 ratio to the width. Kindle offers sample dimensions as follows:

(452 x 600) pixels for children books

(600 x 800) pixels for KF8

(900 x 1100) pixels for comics

Cover design that meets acceptable thresholds for quality may call for the help of professional book formatting services. Ensure the images you use for cover design are 300 dpi or above to ensure optimal quality when published or printed.

You will need at least two kinds of covers to submit to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing System (KDP): the product cover and the internal eBook cover. JPG image format will suffice for both product cover and internal eBook cover.

Formatting the Internal book cover

The kindle eBook cover should be a JPG or GIF image at 300 dpi for best resolution and quality. You do well to keep the image size at the recommended 127 kb size. These specs ensure large images or content with gradient patterns displays at optimum clarity. You also want to keep the overall file size of your eBook to a minimum.

Generally, images take up more digital space than text files and Kindle eBooks are no exception to this reality. For this reason, Amazon recommends you upload GIF or JPG images of not more than 127 kb. If you happen to have images of formats such as BMP or PNG and wish to upload to KDP, the conversion process will recompress those into JPEGS. Meeting the specs recommendations in the aspects of image size and resolution before uploading to KDP minimizes possible complications during the conversion process.

Processing of the image

Images are processed individually, separately from the content they may be embedded in. Thus, if you submit a text file with embedded images, KDP extracts the images from the file and replaces them with an HTML tag.

The product display Cover

The product display cover for your eBook stays on the virtual bookshelf in the Kindle store. The image must be 72 dpi to save on storage space. It has to be crisp, sharp and 127 kb or lower. Formats accepted are JPEG and TIFF. The recommended size for this is (600 x 800) pixel. This image is just for marketing purposes (not printing or publishing) and thus does not have to be 300 dpi.

Use color for cover art

Wise use of color will enhance your book’s attractiveness on virtual bookshelves. Take advantage of color capacity Kindle Fire offers and use it on fonts and images.

At this stage, you should be ready to upload your cover to KDP for processing and publishing. You will need to have a KDP account to publish and distribute with Amazon online store.

The Fast Fingers have been in the business of eBook formatting for long enough to know what needs to be done to get things right for your cover design.

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