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KDP Tools and Resources

Written by  admin   |   Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00
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Self-publishing takes a lot of effort. It is not as easy as a lot of people have probably imagined. It’s not an easy way out to publishing. It may take a shorter time but will definitely require even more attention and work to do.

There are different publishing platforms that are available for independent writers. Most, if not all, of these platforms offer resources and tools that writers can use in polishing their manuscript. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) also offers tools and resources that help authors in improving the quality of their work. These KDP tools will help you in formatting your manuscript correctly so your readers can have a good experience with reading your book. These tools will allow the users to preview their work before publishing.

KindleGen v1.2 is a tool that creates eBooks. This is perfect for those authors who are already knowledgeable in HTML. This tool is used in converting ePub, HTML, XML, or XHTML to a Kindle book.

The Mobipocket Creator imports MS Word documents, HTML, Adobe PDFs, and text documents. This helps you in customizing your work in order to give a better experience to your readers. KDP also provides a formatting guide for those who want to use the Mobipocket Creator. There is also information about the application.

The Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign v0.93 (Beta) can be downloaded and used in converting books and documents created through Adobe InDesign to the Kindle format. There are different plugins for your OS. There’s a plugin for MAC users and another for Windows users. Make sure that you have read the publishing guidelines and installation instructions after downloading the plugin.

Kindle Previewer v1.61 allows the user to preview his manuscript. This allows the writers to see how the book will look like in a Kindle application or device. This allows you to check any formatting problems that you may have. This tool is best paired with either the Mobipocket Creator or the KindleGen since you have to convert your manuscript to a Kindle format. Download the right tool Kindle Previewer tool for your OS. There are two tools: one for Mac and one for Windows.

Lastly, the Kindle for PC/Mac is an application that allows you to read eBooks without a Kindle device. You can easily read in colors and you adjust the brightness. This gives you an excellent reading experience.

The good thing with these tools is that they can be downloaded for free. You don’t have to pay anything to use the tools. Aside from using these tools, you can also get advice from other authors by posting at the community section of KDP. This allows other authors to express their opinions and provide tips to other authors regarding publishing.


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