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Preparing Your Book in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Featured

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Preparation is one of the keys to success. No matter what you do, when you’ve prepared for it, you’ll surely achieve it. It’s the same thing with publishing a book. You have to prep up your manuscript to ensure that you can get good quality books for your readers. No matter what publishing platform you are using, preparing your book properly can help in avoiding problems in the process of ebook publishing or paperback publishing.

For Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you will have to make sure that you have a properly formatted book and prepared your work in order to avoid errors with ebook conversion. This will also help in producing a quality content which can get positive impression from your readers.

Preparing a book will include editing and proofreading. Although it is not stated in KDP, it is something that must be done by every independent author or self-published author. Since you are self publishing, you will have to edit and check your work for grammatical errors. Make sure that you have already gone through editing, proofreading and book formatting before uploading to CreateSpace, KDP or your desired publisher.

Aside from that, formatting your book properly is also important. In KDP, book formatting will determine how your eBook will look like. You will have to save your manuscript in a supported file and ensure that the text, images, cover, and content are properly formatted. KDP only support certain file formats in conversion. Moreover, there are certain rules and guidelines that you have to follow in formatting your manuscript if you want to publish for Kindle. Images may be missing, margins incorrect or it won’t convert at all. To avoid going through all the hassle, read KDP’s Simplified Formatting Guide. This can give you tips on how you can format and create your file in order to convert it smoothly and avoid doing any troubleshooting procedure.

You can also make use of the tools and resources that are provided by KDP. These tools will help you in checking and reviewing your manuscript to ensure that they are properly formatted. These can be downloaded for free as well. If you need more information about formatting and publishing, you can also check KDP’s community page. There are tons of other authors who are willing to give tips and answers to your questions and concerns.

These are the things you can do on how to prepare your book for kindle direct publishing. Making sure that you’ve done everything will ensure that you won’t have any problems with your mobi format for Kindle. Remember that a good quality book takes a lot of effort, but will surely be worth it.


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