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Self-Publishing Through Amazon’s KDP

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notedAmazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is among the many self-publishing platforms that are available online.  Self-publishing has been preferred by a number of authors who would want to skip the hassle of endless waiting with the traditional publishing. Through this, authors can already publish a book on their own without any third party involved.

Publishing with KDP is easy and free. You do not have to pay any registration fee just to use it. You only need an Amazon login account and you’re good to go. Before using KDP, you have to prepare your manuscript first. The preparation for your book is very important. This will ensure that your book will have a good quality and that you won’t have any problems with what you have produced. This preparation will include formatting your manuscript properly. You will have to save it in the supported file format, have the correct file size, and even have the essential parts of the book checked. Editing and proofreading your manuscript will also be your responsibility. So make sure that you’ve settled things before uploading. You can also refer to the KDP’s Simplified Formatting Guide which can help you in building your book. Not being able to prepare your book correctly may lead to ebook conversion problems. Like they say when you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Once you’ve finished preparing your book, you can already upload it to KDP. This is already the start of the publishing process. You have to click the bookshelf tab found on the upper part of your KDP page. This will lead you to a page where you will enter information and details of your book. You will also have to upload your book and preview the content. You will also have to identify and choose the publishing rights that you want. Your publishing rights will determine the scope of your coverage in selling your book. You will also have to choose the pricing for your book and the royalty. You can choose between 35 and 70 percent.

Merchandising your book will also be your responsibility. Having an effective strategy in merchandising and marketing your book can also contribute in having higher sales. Having large sales is also a measure of the success of a book. KDP also provides you some tips to increase your book sales. This includes linking your website to your Amazon listing, managing your book’s availability and others.

Managing your sales is the last step of this entire process. KDP offers you different sales reports where you can check how your book sales are doing. These reports include the number of units that you have sold including the royalties and the profits that you gained.


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