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Escapades and Islands Part 3 [Kindle Edition] by Colin Leslie Beadon

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The third installment of a three-part book series, Escapades and Islands Part 3 is now available in Kindle edition at

Book Description

The book series Escapades and Islands Part 1-2 & 3 are a triumphantly varied and accomplished collection of stories many of which have been published in international magazines and journals. The stories take place in the West Indies, Venezuela, USA, England, and other places. They cover working people, and romance, drama, written as close to life as to make them almost true, in fact, some of the ideas were forced out from true life events. The stories are vivid and evocative, to say the least.

Colin Leslie Beadon is mainly and oil drilling man, and his job has taken him to not a few countries. Most of his life has been spent in the West Indies, and England. He lives in Barbados.

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