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Pimp Ur Blog Episode One: Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking by Paul Rice and Messie Jessie

Written by  admin   |   Tuesday, 20 March 2012 10:59
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Book Description:

The Pimp ur Blog Episode One: Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking eBook is about gaining and maintaining a position in Google's search results. Paul Rice and debut author Messie Jessie share only what we have actually done with respect to social bookmarking in Episode One. Subsequent Pimp ur Blog episodes will cover other aspects of our efforts to engage the audiences of our blogs and eBooks.

After an Introduction, Pimp ur Blog Episode One: Boost Search Results with Social Bookmarking geeks out with Technical Details on the use of specialized software. The eBook's most amazing part is the third section, a Case Study of how just one blog post, when run through the Pimp ur Blog process, can have a multiplier effect in Google's search results. A fourth section on Measurements follows, and then a Best Practices topic wraps up the eBook with tips on how we use social bookmarking to gain a wider audience for our blogs through Google.

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