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how we do it

When it comes to cover design, The Fast Fingers deliver superior quality by use of state-of-the art technology to help project a stunning image for your book. For us, this is a full time commitment bearing in mind that any book from independent publishers must meet acceptable standards not only in content delivery but also cover design. Our professionally tailored service addresses your unique needs at incredibly fair prices.

The Fast Fingers delivers a design that stirs imagination…

We create highly captivating book covers based on our capacity for innovation, sound marketing skills and superb customer service. When you engage us for cover design services, we listen very carefully to capture every single detail. We conceptualize your goals and ideas and incorporate those in the cover design to give you a tailored solution that invites customers to buy and read your book.

Professional cover design service

In designing the best cover for your book, we do not just throw around flashy images and text. While a stunning look is important, a selling cover design thematically addresses your book’s genre, content and targeted reader. Thus, our top designers will help tell your story visually and concisely using a logical flow of typographical and graphical elements on you book cover.

Experience and expertise
We have been in the business of design for a while and have delivered hundreds of book covers, eBook designs, marketing material etc for both traditional and non-traditional publishing. The fast fingers have the experience and expertise it takes to hand you a unique book cover design that will command the attention of your target audience.

How we do it…

Like mentioned earlier, we design for your genre and audience. We help with image selection and decide on what areas need tweaking and alterations for the perfect look. Our designers emphasize on composition, readability and visual appeal of the book cover. We employ special techniques to add digital effects and refinement to the perfectly melded pieces of the cover design. The Fast Fingers will pay attention to detail and treat every aspect of cover design with the importance it merits. Placement and choice of text, color, images etc of our design project unique cohesiveness that your book could use to appeal to potential readers.

Moreover, we are familiar with the rules of the game when it comes to cover design. We have worked with authors publishing with major online platforms such as CreateSpace, Lulu, Kindle, iBookstore, Nook etc and as such, we know what needs to be done to submit the right cover design for publishing. Therefore, we make no mistake optimizing various elements of your book cover to ensure compatibility for both eBook and Print on Demand (POD) publishing.

We are customer-friendly and offer cover design services for as low as only $150. As we are on call 24/7, you may contact us anytime via our online chat feature or Skype to discuss further details of our cover design services. Talk to The Fast Fingers now for the best service at relatively low rates.

Use only common and standard fonts

The temptation to use fancy fonts may be high sometimes, but professional authors stick to standard fonts. The use of standard and common fonts guarantees your output turns out as expected.  

Professional book design sees to it that independent authors deliver titles that meet the market’s expectations. For this reason, authors find it wise to utilize book design templates that help confine their creativity to acceptable norms of book making. Whichever way you approach book design, the key factors below must be considered.

Book Cover Design

Many readers will tell professional book design by its cover. That’s why a book designer incorporates your book’s theme into cover design, makes proper choice of color, and utilizes impressive images, photos or artwork. The designer also chooses the right font, text style and shape for your book cover.

Fonts play a critical role in making your book look professional, especially in the interior. Thus, it’s necessary for book designers to employ popular fonts that have proved stunning in successful titles. Don’t settle for simplistic fonts such as Times New Roman, which many readers of both fiction and nonfiction writing may not like. It’s also important to focus on readability as opposed to fanciness or style when choosing font for your book’s interior. Some authors approach book designers with samples of the font they want used for their book (even if they don’t know it’s name). You may pick such samples from successful titles in the market.


Photography or artworks may prove useful in non-fictional writing. Thus, if you’re writing a book that will require photos, images or illustrations in its interior, it’s critical you seek professional help in this regards. Professional designers will help you with graphic design as well as choice of photography that suits your writing. All the same, you still have a role to play in choice of artwork, especially if you’re writing on areas such as computer sciences, health, mathematics etc.

Images also bring about the questions of copyright and quality. It’s important you make good choice of your images’ sources so that you don’t run into trouble for copyright infringement. At the same time, the images must meet certain resolution standards for both print and electronic use. The standards may differ depending on what electronic platform the images will be displaying on, but for paperback formats, your book is good to go with a resolution of 300 dpi.

Book Formatting

Book formatting involves a lot of aspects and that’s why book design templates and professional designers play a critical role here. For instance, justifying text, hyphenation, running heads, margins and page numbering are just some of the areas that must conform to professional bookmaking standards. Here, you can also emulate other successful titles in bookstores.

How creative you might be, the role of book design templates in professional bookmaking cannot be overemphasized. See, the publishing industry is centuries old and carries with it certain expectations in book design areas such as photography, book cover design, page numbering, page breaks, sections and others. Thus, professional book designers may utilize templates to implement sophisticated design aspects that only experience and expertise can provide. Just make sure to engage in a designer or book formatting service who understands the quality you expect in the aspects described above.



A good book cover design helps tell an entire story in a few words and graphical images. Our book cover design services guarantee top quality that sends out an accurate message pertaining to the contents of your book. As an author, you want your book to stand out in bookshelves and our design services ensure that happens both in eBook and paperback formats.

Getting desired results from a professional book cover design….

A book cover is not just a formality and no book can have phenomenal success in the market without sporting the best cover design; regardless of the value of its content. While news about a highly captivating or inspiring story may easily spread like wild fire, we offer services that ensure your book meets the right thresholds for takeoff. Thus, as an integral component of your marketing campaign, we ensure your book cover tells it all accurately and in a professional manner.

This is how we do it….

  • Fundamentally, we familiarize ourselves with contents of your book, its genre and target audience. All these merit serious consideration when deciding on how to go about with the cover design process. Armed with accurate knowledge of the contents of your book, we construct a solution that addresses and conveys it to the reader. Whether you trying to market a murder mystery, romance or inspirational story, we ensure to deliver the right cover design for your genre.
  • We pay attention to detail as manifested in the choices we make for your cover’s graphical objects, color and text. For meaningful content of any book cover, we take into consideration not only choice of elements but also their placement. This helps us create a logically flowing story that instantly captivates potential readers of your book.
  • We have the experience and expertise to deliver quality designs. For both eBook and paperback versions, we ensure high-resolution images, text and graphics in accordance with world standards. Thus, we help project a high-quality content image to your readers.
  • We put together critical components of book cover design to help sell your title. We do not just deliver a simplistic cover; rather, we incorporate branding, marketing and advertising in book cover design to help give your book a unique identity in the market. Ours is a custom solution that uniquely addresses your requirements. You tell us what you hope to achieve and we prepare a design that supersedes your expectations.

Conversion rates are what we emphasize as we come up with the best cover designs for self-published authors. At the end of the day, your book’s cover should play a prominent role in boosting its sales. That cannot happen if the cover does not “call buyers into action”. Contact us now and take advantage of our professional cover design service for a reasonable price.

CreateSpace is just one of the many platforms that writers use when self-publishing. Going for the traditional type of publishing takes so much time and most often it ends up in rejection. This is why most of the budding writers would prefer self-publishing and selling their works on their own through publishing platforms like CreateSpace. These platforms allow the user to create eBooks for Kindle and other electronic readers and to print on demand books.

In formatting with CreateSpace, you need to have the complete copy of the book including the acknowledgment, dedication, contents and others. You also need to ensure that you have set the copy in the ideal font, margin, spacing and other formatting elements. You can also use the templates offered to make it easier. If you wish to skip this hassle, you can always opt to use the professional services of The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service in preparing your files.

The setup comes after this. This has to do with inputting the contents of your book, deciding on the paper color and book size, and uploading all the files. You can use the templates in CreateSpace in formatting the interior of your book. You can also use a cover tool for creating the cover of your book. There are different solutions that are available for your needs just in case you might need help. Choosing the ISBN is also a part of this step. You can get your own ISBN through CreateSpace for a certain amount. But, if you want to publish your book through traditional publishers sooner or later, you can just skip it.

After completing the previous steps, you can now send the book for review. The CreateSpace review team will check very page of your book that might cause problems during printing. They will e-mail you regarding certain elements that may problems during the final printed copy, like the text, the color and others. You can edit the files in and resubmit them. After doing all the necessary edits, you can have order printed copies of your book and start selling them. If you really want to make sure, you can always ask people to read the printed copy and check for errors and problems. Having multiple reviewers will ensure that no errors can be missed.

Once everything is good, you can now hit approve and start distributing your book. You have to setup the distribution information which includes the price, paper type and the book size. You may also want to use the royalty calculator in order to know how much profit you’re getting. You can sell your book through the CreateSpace eStore. You can decide on which plans to get that allows you to sell the books through different outlets.

These are the steps on how formatting in CreateSpace is done. It doesn’t really take a genius to figure out. When you’re at a loss with self-publishing, you can always read reviews from other people who have experience. It’s definitely worth a try when you want to start on your own.

Self-publishing has made the lives of a lot of aspiring writers easier. With self-publishing, authors can publish their own work, gain profit and maintain their copyright without having to go through the traditional process of publishing. Writers are responsible for the entire production of their books and can choose the way they sell it. Authors can make use of their choice of platforms in self-publishing. There are actually different platforms to choose from. One of the known platforms for self-publishing is CreateSpace by Amazon.

One of the things that self-published writers like about CreateSpace is their royalty. With every book that you sell, you gain a profit, royalty. This royalty depends on the size of your book and the price that you set for it. The royalty is of course already deducted with CreateSpace’s share. So you have to know how CreateSpace calculate their own share to know how big your royalties are.

CreateSpace’s shares consist of the sales channel percentage, fixed charge, and per-page charge. The sales channel percentage is the certain percentage from the list price of your book. The percentage will depend on the channel that you used in selling your book. You can choose from three channels: Amazon.com, CreateSpace eStore, and the Expanded Distribution Channel.  Amazon takes away 40% of every book sale from the price list. CreateSpace eStore, on the other hand, takes away 20%, and the Expanded Distribution Channel takes away 60%. Of course, every channel choice has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The fixed charges that CreateSpace gets are the fees for the book’s interior along with the page count. This will depend on the page count of your book and its color. If your book has 24 to 108 pages with black and white interior, you will be charged $3.66 for ever book and if you have 110 to 828 pages, it will cost you $1.50 per book. For full color books, the prices are different. Full color ones with 24 to 40 pages will be charged $6.55 for ever book, and $1.75 per book with 42 to 500 pages. However, when you are in Pro Plan, a yearly subscription in CreateSpace, you will have discounted fixed charges.

Lastly, with per-page charges, you will have to pay higher costs with more pages. This can also depend on the interior of the book. For black and white books, you won’t be paying a single penny for those with only 24 to 108 pages. However, if you have 110 to 828 pages, you’ll be paying $0.02 for every page. For full-color books, there will be no charges for those with 24 to 40 pages, but with 42 to 500 pages, you’ll have to pay $0.12 per page. Just like for fixed charges, when you are in Pro Plan, you’ll be receiving a discount with your per-page charges.

The good thing with CreateSpace is that you can calculate your earnings beforehand. By using their royalty calculator, you can have a close estimate with how much you’re going to earn when you have published your work. You will have to input your list price, the interior type of your book, the number of pages and the trim size. The calculator will directly give you your possible royalties depending on the channel and your subscription with CreateSpace.

CreateSpace offers a number of tools and services that a lot of authors can make use of. These help in making their work easier as self-publishing requires a lot of task to be done. Editing services are just few of the many services that an author can get from CreateSpace. Under the editing services, you can get three types of paid services: copywriting services, editorial advice, and different editing services.

For copywriting, you can avail the promotional text creation.  For $199, you can already attract your readers by having persuasive descriptions of your book. This can also attract reviewers to your book. A professional copywriter will help in creating a marketing copy that can be very useful in a lot of ways. You can use the promotional text in a lot of different ways like for your own site, back cover and even for a book detail page for your eStore or for Amazon. This service package will provide you with a couple texts like for an author autobiography, a back cover text, and a one-sentence description, a short description, and an extended description of the book.

You can also get an editorial evaluation, if you are in need of an editorial advice. This will provide you an assessment from a professional editor who will give you advice on what steps to take and which parts to improve, depending on your genre. You will also be provided with feedback relating to the weaknesses and strengths of your work. This package will cost you $199. When you avail of this, you will have to answer a few questions that can help the editor in evaluating your work. This will have to deal about your work, its genre and who it is written for.

The last services that you can get are those for editing. There are three services that you can get for editing. These services vary depending on the depth of the editorial process. The first one is the basic copywriting which tackles the technical elements of the work like the consistency, grammar, punctuation and spelling. You’ll be paying $120 for a 10,000-word book. However, when it exceeds that amount, you’ll be paying $0.012 per exceeding word. The comprehensive editing will has the same content as the basic one but with added consideration of the stylistic elements like the tone and the concept of the book. This will cost you $160 for 10,000 words with an additional $0.016 for every exceeding word. The last one is the comprehensive copyediting plus which costs $220 for 10,000 words. This package already includes the technical and stylistic elements, and the composition of the book.