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There are already quite a number of self-publishing authors nowadays. Our technology allows greater freedom for all of our writers. Although not everyone writes for monetary reasons, every author wants to sell his works and be read by a lot of people. Earning just comes when one successfully sells his works.

Just like the traditional way of publishing, self-publishing will also allow you to earn money. This is in terms of the royalties that you receive through your self-publishing platforms. Different platforms have different rates and terms when it comes to royalties. But for this article, let’s tackle the royalties for CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is one of the most-preferred self-publishing platforms.  This is because it is fairly easy to use. It has tools that aid writers like in creating a cover page. You can also ask for professional help from CreateSpace with the interior design of your book. It also allows users to distribute their books to a wide variety of channels. You are also able to choose the channels that you use so you get your works to your preferred market. Like any other platform, CreateSpace also lets authors have royalty share. Every time you sell a copy through any of your chosen channel you get a share.

Your royalty share will come from the price that you set up for your book. The price will have to be deducted with CreateSpace’s share and viola! You now have your royalty share.

CreateSpace also has its own calculations for their share. Their share comes from the sales channel percentage, fixed charges and the per-page charges added together. The sales channel percentage will be deducted from the list price of the book. This will also depend on the distribution channel that you are using. Different channels have different sales percentage. The fixed charges will depend on the number of pages, the color of the interior, and if you have a Pro Plan in CreateSpace. When you have a Pro Plan, the charges are generally cheaper then when you don’t. The per-page charge is very obvious. When you have a higher number of pages, then you may have a per-page charge. The charge may also be lower for those who have Pro Plan.

You don’t have to worry about doing any calculations yourself since CreateSpace has its own royalty calculator. You will just input the price of your book including the interior color, trim size and the number of pages. The calculator will show you the royalty that you will earn through the different channels.