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To a number of aspiring writers, getting published is one of their major goals. It feels great just to have a printed copy of your book sold at bookstores. But as we all know, the process can be really long. This is why a lot of the new writers prefer using self-publishing platforms. The Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the many platforms that you can use. This is an easy way to publish your own book without having to wait or to face rejection. This platform will aid you in creating eBooks and Kindle eBooks.

To start using the Kindle Direct Publishing, you must finish your manuscript first. This means completing every component of your book from the cover page to the back page. You must also have proofread your work and edited it. Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your book. Have it checked by two or more people to ensure quality. You can save your files even in MS Word formats. Just make sure that you have saved it in compatible file formats. One more thing, make sure that you wrote the manuscript yourself. Never have the urge to publish what is not yours or you may have problems.

After guaranteeing that your manuscript is error free, you can now set up your own account. Go to the website and register. It’s fairly simple, you just have to provide all the necessary information required. You may also be required to provide your social security number including a method where you want to get paid, for royalties. After creating your account, you can now start the publishing process.

In Kindle formatting, start by putting your title. You can click the Bookshelf tab in your dashboard and add a new title. This is just easy. You are just required to fill in the fields that would ask for the details of the book, its description, and contributors if any. You also have to provide the categories of the book, the publisher, date of publication and ISBN if you have one.

After you have set up the details of your book, you can go ahead and start uploading it. The first thing to upload is the cover. Having a product image will allow customers to see what your book looks like. It will also help in selling your book. Have an image that is in .jpg or .tiff file. The contents of the book come next. But before you upload them, you might want to think over the digital rights management option. This will control on how the book is distributed digitally. Once you’ve picked an option, start uploading. You have an option to preview the book to see how it looks like after rendering. You can save the files if you’re satisfied.

Before you get to publish it, you will have to choose on the royalty and the price of your book. You can choose either the 35% royalty or the 70% royalty. When you’re done with this tough ordeal, you can now save your book and publish it. Your book will already show up in the Kindle store in a day or two.