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Nicholas SparksThe name of Nicholas Sparks has been very resonant as much as his novels get because he is one of the authors from the contemporary literature who makes an effort to really reach out to his readers (yes, he tweets.) After the success of his world-renowned novels like A Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John and The Last Song, not to mention their critically-acclaimed film adaptations, Sparks did not seem to put out the fire just yet to his burning passion for writing and inspiring other people to the 3 L’s- loving, living life to the fullest and letting go. Even with his earnest attempts to create something fresh every time he begins a novel, his previous works which are The Safe Haven (September 2010) and The Best of Me (October 2011) did not deviate much from these three themes.The Safe Haven is embedded on a much more audacious approach as it speaks of taking risks when it comes to love and life. This novel has also tackled an issue in our society which is happening most likely in the corners of our own homes but is constantly being shoved at the back of the closet- domestic violence. When can somebody determine when the line has already been crossed? Is a black-and-blue love affair really worth it? How can a person start to let his/her guard down after having been hurt from previous experiences? Can love really be an enough fortress for someone?

The Best of Me on the other hand speaks of love having been reunited by a single course of fate or in this novel’s case, by a mentor of a former high school couple who died, obliging two people of now two different paths to come together once more. Even if the plot seems to be a revision from Sparks’ other novels like The Notebook which spoke about choosing security first before genuine love, The Best of Me, the story has a fair share of its own complexities which focuses on having an infidel marriage, dealing with an alcoholic spouse, and questioning one’s self about the decisions he/she has made earlier in his/her life. Is it wise to choose a secured life over the love of your life? Have you become that person you would have pitied twenty five years ago?

After seventeen novels and a recognizable amount of fame, Nicholas Sparks has been able to stay true to his commitment in moving his readers, letting them contemplate about life even further and stirring their hearts to the fullest. Nicholas Sparks is not just an ordinary author who writes to sell books and make dough. He is an author who experienced life itself. 

nicholas-sparksMost, if not all, romantic novel fans know Nicholas Sparks. Sparks is a bestselling novelist, and is famous for his books that are usually about love and death. Even those who don’t read novels know Sparks as six of his books have been adapted to movies. This has created a huge fan base for him and his upcoming work is something that his fans anticipate.

Nicholas Sparks is an American writer born in Omaha, Nebraska on 1965. He is raised Roman Catholic and a devout one, which can be observed in the religious undertones some of his novels. Sparks family moved a lot while his father, a professor, was finishing his graduate studies but finally settled in Fair Oaks, California. He was excellent in track and field and in the academics so he graduated Valedictorian in high school and got a track and field scholarship to University of Notre Dame.

It was in college, during an injury, when Sparks started to write his first unpublished novel. He graduated with a major in Business Finance, with honors, in 1988. That same year he met his future wife, Catherine whom he married a year after. He worked different jobs to sustain the family which included waiting tables, real estate appraisal and starting a small manufacturing business. In 1990, he collaborated with Billy Mills on a book that sold about 50, 000 copies.

Sparks began to write a novel again in 1994 when he was already working in North Carolina as a pharmaceutical seller. Over a six-month period, he wrote The Notebook, which later on will become an all-time favorite movie. The right of the book was sold to Time Warner Book Group and was published in October 1996. The novel was already a bestseller even at the first week of its release.

After his novel’s success, he wrote other books which became bestsellers. His fiction novels are as follows: Message in a Bottle in1998, A Walk to Remember in 1999, The Rescue in 2000, A Bend in the Road in 2001, Nights in Rodanthe in 2002, The Guardian in 2003, The Wedding which is also in 2003, True Believer in 2005, At First Sight also in 2005, Dear John in 2006, The Choice in 2007, The Lucky One in 2008, The Last Song in 2009, and Safe Haven in 2010. Sparks also authored a memoir with his brother, Micah Sparks, in 2004, Three Weeks with My Brother.  All of Sparks works are international bestsellers and have been translated into 45 different languages. Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, Dear John, and The Last Song were adapted into movies and were great successes.

Despite all the success that Sparks has as a screenplay writer and as an author, he still gives back to the community by donating to different local and national charities. He also provides scholarships and fellowships to his alma mater, University of Notre Dame. Sparks, with his wife, founded a school in North Carolina where he coached track and field. He still maintains his active lifestyle by exercising and reading books.

the best of me nicholas sparksWho would never know the man behind these masterpieces; “The Notebook,” “A Walk to Remember”, “The Last Song” and “Dear John” to name a few. Yes, I’m talking about Nicholas Sparks. Just few days ago, I spent a few hours at the bookstore looking for good reads. My mind was set to look for Nicholas Sparks’ new published books. What captured my attention is a poster ‘Nicholas Sparks, Live in Manila,’ promoting his new book ‘The Best of Me.’

“The Best of Me” is now available at all National Book Store and Powerbooks branches for P549.

I’m excited to see him and have his autograph on October 28, 2011 at 5 PM, The Podium in Manila.

Here’s another, there are mechanics to get his autograph:

1. All purchases of Nicholas Sparks’ new book “The Best of Me” from National Book Store or Powerbooks will come with a Lucky Draw Coupon. Note: The Lucky Draw Coupon is not a guaranteed Signing Pass.

2. A person may purchase as many copies as he/she wants and each purchase will come with a Lucky Draw Coupon.

3. The Lucky Draw Coupon shall entitle the bearer to one (1) attempt at a Lucky Draw on Friday, October 28, 2011 at the atrium of The Podium. Lucky Draw will start upon registration at 1:00 pm.

4. Every person who draws a marked winning stub shall be entitled to a signing pass to have one (1) book signed by Nicholas Sparks at the event.

5. There will be a minimum of six hundred fifty (650) winning stubs in the Lucky Draw.

6. In addition, there will also be fifty (50) Early Birds. The first fifty (50) persons to arrive at the venue will be allowed to have their Lucky Draw Coupon automatically exchanged for a Signing Pass. Limit is one (1) signing pass per Early Bird.

Crossing my fingers! 


Here’s the video of the event “Nicholas Sparks Live in Manila”

Youtube video credit: nationalbookstoreph


While searching for Nicholas Sparks’ latest news, I stumbled into CNN iREPORT interview. “Writing is often for me a very painful and arduous almost torturous process. I would love it if it was easier….” Sparks said.

Several questions were asked by the iReporters. When asked “What is the best motivation you can give to someone who has a dream to write a book? He answered “I don’t know if it’s motivation as much as it is dedication, because in the end that’s what its gonna take to write a novel. It is simply the act of putting yourself in front of the keyboard or picking up the pencil or pen and putting the story down on paper..”

Nicholas Sparks is always an inspiration to aspiring writers and readers. The video is owned by CNN.com and I would like to share it to the readers of thefastfingers.com


via CNN.com

As someone whose been inspired by his writings, I would like to answer the title question first. Personally, ‘The Notebook‘ is an all-time favorite. The love story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson made me cry and made my heart flutter. Hopeless romantic as I am, I began to dream of a man just like Noah.

Other books written by Nicholas Sparks are:

Wokini, coauthor Billy Mills
Message in a Bottle
A Walk to Remember
The Rescue
A Bend in The Road
Nights in Rodanthe
The Wedding
The Guardian
Three Weeks With my Brother
True Believer
At First Sight
The Choice
Dear John
The Lucky One
The Last Song
Safe Haven
The Best of Me

Among these titles, what made you cry,  fall in love?