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CreateSpace is just one of the many platforms that writers use when self-publishing. Going for the traditional type of publishing takes so much time and most often it ends up in rejection. This is why most of the budding writers would prefer self-publishing and selling their works on their own through publishing platforms like CreateSpace. These platforms allow the user to create eBooks for Kindle and other electronic readers and to print on demand books.

In formatting with CreateSpace, you need to have the complete copy of the book including the acknowledgment, dedication, contents and others. You also need to ensure that you have set the copy in the ideal font, margin, spacing and other formatting elements. You can also use the templates offered to make it easier. If you wish to skip this hassle, you can always opt to use the professional services of The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service in preparing your files.

The setup comes after this. This has to do with inputting the contents of your book, deciding on the paper color and book size, and uploading all the files. You can use the templates in CreateSpace in formatting the interior of your book. You can also use a cover tool for creating the cover of your book. There are different solutions that are available for your needs just in case you might need help. Choosing the ISBN is also a part of this step. You can get your own ISBN through CreateSpace for a certain amount. But, if you want to publish your book through traditional publishers sooner or later, you can just skip it.

After completing the previous steps, you can now send the book for review. The CreateSpace review team will check very page of your book that might cause problems during printing. They will e-mail you regarding certain elements that may problems during the final printed copy, like the text, the color and others. You can edit the files in and resubmit them. After doing all the necessary edits, you can have order printed copies of your book and start selling them. If you really want to make sure, you can always ask people to read the printed copy and check for errors and problems. Having multiple reviewers will ensure that no errors can be missed.

Once everything is good, you can now hit approve and start distributing your book. You have to setup the distribution information which includes the price, paper type and the book size. You may also want to use the royalty calculator in order to know how much profit you’re getting. You can sell your book through the CreateSpace eStore. You can decide on which plans to get that allows you to sell the books through different outlets.

These are the steps on how formatting in CreateSpace is done. It doesn’t really take a genius to figure out. When you’re at a loss with self-publishing, you can always read reviews from other people who have experience. It’s definitely worth a try when you want to start on your own.