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What Our Clients Say

"I highly recommend Jeny as a formatter. She is fast, efficient and friendly and I felt extremely confident with my manuscript in her hands. I was probably one of her more annoying clients yet her patience knew no bounds! She changed things for me on the hoof over and over again and always knew exactly where I was coming from. Thank you so much Jeny, I will certainly use you for my next book. "


"Jeny and Rutchie make you feel like a friend with a cosy style to how they approach your work. You don't feel like you are dealing with a company, you feel like you are dealing with people who care about what you are doing. Creators are fussy about seeing what they see in their mind's eye come to reality - this team does not interfere with that process, allowing you to check and re-check to heart's fancy. I recommend them."

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"I have been blessed to have twice (2012 and 2014) utilized the services of The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service for both cover art and interior formatting for paperback and ePublish outlets. My first experience was an extremely positive one. Fast Fingers was quick to respond to my inquiries and needs and NEVER made me feel as if I was imposing on them. Their artistic input for the cover of my first novel (The Ledger) was welcomed, appropriate, and spot-on! With my second novel (The Elbe Resolution), the response time was just as fast, if not faster—if that was even possible. Their recommended cover art was tasteful and again, even better than the first. It was perfect! The interior formatting was everything I'd hoped it would be—seamless, accurate, and timely."


Lloyd Holm  (Author) The Ledger and The Elbe Resolution

"Working with Jeny of The Fast Fingers book formatting service has been very easy and professional. Design is very attractive, and she understood inmediately the book I wanted to publish"

Discapacidad creativafor testimonial

Almudena Bermejo  (Author) Discapacidad Creativa

Thank you Jeny! Having written several books, and coached a few new authors, I found that Fast Fingers is reliable and attentive to detail. They were able to take my manuscript and make it into a professional book, at a good price. I would recommend them to anyone needing a book formatted.


Jerry W. Beaver If You Only Knew Me

"I had an excellent experience working with Jeny and Rutchie from thefastfingers.com. They formatted my book beautifully and professionally. They were also very friendly and helpful and a real pleasure to work with. I will definitely work with them again in the future."

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Nina Lim  (Author) Henrietta is Hungry

I cannot thank Jeny enough for expertly, conveniently, and expeditiously converting the text of my novel into a format that would translate directly to a professionally printed copy by the printer. I could not have accomplished this myself!


Ken Corre Novelist/Screenwriter

I wrote and designed my first e-book, Recipes for Adventure, as a PDF for computer viewing. I did a reasonably good job using WORD, but when it came time to redesign the e-book for Print on Demand, I quickly discovered I was in way over my head. Because of the pricing structure of full-color POD books, I had to fit more text and photos on fewer pages in order to be able to sell the book at a competitive price and still make a profit.

I checked with several design services and The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service offered a very fair price for the amount of work involved which included 200 photos. Rutchie and Jeny were eager to take on the project and they were a pleasure to work with. They sent me work in stages to make sure I was happy with the direction of the design. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I was pleased that they were responsive to my requests and edits along the way. They did a nice job on the cover design and were very helpful in getting the book uploaded to CreateSpace.

I am very happy with the finished book and I look forward to working with The Fast Fingers on future book design projects.

Recipes for adventure

I am really pleased with the way in which The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service handled my novel for formatting to Kindle. Their service was quick, and affordable, and they answered my numerous email queries with promptness and courtesy.

I have their address in my mailing list because I am certain to avail myself of their friendly, excellent services in the future. I recommend them to anyone in need of novel or manuscript formatting for online publishing.

whe the storm final

Lilian Gardner Author of When the Storm Breaks

I was quite naturally reluctant to do business of this kind over the internet. For anyone with the same nagging doubts, if you're at FastFingers you can rest assured you're at the right place. I was absolutely stunned with the categorically superlative service I received, from start to finish, including fixing the slight errors coming from my end, in a fashion that it is rare to see in business now. They went above and beyond whatever I imagined I was paying for and produced a product that stands with anything found on the shelves of the most esteemed bookstores and publishing houses on Earth. Don't waste time looking anywhere else.


David Nabhan  Author of  Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight (2013), Pilots of Borealis (2011), Forecasting the Catastrophe (2010), Predicting the Next Great Quake (1996)

Jeny, Rutchie and the staff at The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Services, have designed and formatted the interior of all three novels in the Wycaan Master series. Their willingness to make changes and attention to detail is superb.

The interior design of a book, if done well, does not garner any attention, but it is a crucial element in the experience of the reader. The interior designers are often the unsung heroes of the expedition into producing a book.

I will be back with the next novel without a doubt. Thank you!

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I hired The Fast Fingers for my CreateSpace interior formatting and cover design, as well as my Kindle Edition. The end product on all of it was fabulous! I put so much time and energy into writing my book that I wanted a final product that I could be proud of. I could not have been happier with The Fast Fingers final design. I would definitely work with them again.


Thank you The Fast Fingers, for helping to create a beautiful and professional book. As a first time author, you held my hand through the many intricacies of the publishing game. The cover you helped create was a work of art.

Tony K

Jeny and her team at The Fast Fingers did a rocking job on my book, and they'll also be doing my next book. Great job!

one for the road

The Fast Fingers is a perfect name for this company. Their quick responsiveness and turnaround time impressed me. I had many questions and I always felt that they were answered in a way that made me feel good about the process. I felt like I was in good hands from start to finish. In a nutshell: great quality, great rates, great communication. Great job, Fast Fingers! I look forward to working with you again.

The Gift of Poo

Land Wilson  Award-Winning Environmental Children's Book Author The Gift of Poo (Gold eLit Award)

As a professional of health science I need a confident and serious work correctly performed with great accuracy. Thanks to Jeny (Fast Fingers) I have my book published with academic requirements with an extra of originality, style and good taste and incredibly fast. Sure my next books and manuals will be appointed with her and her team of Fast Fingers.

Fernando Alfageme MD, Dermatologist


I would like to recommend Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service. Great company. I dealt with Jeny and she is a professional with a great work ethic. Jeny’s attention to detail was refreshing and reassuring. Jeny gets full credit for formatting my book Gangster Redemption which a movie company is interested in now. I had a complex book with 40 pictures, graphics, and inserted emails and Jeny worked diligently till the project was perfect. Jeny answered my emails with no delay and took care of problems and even gave me tips for publishing my book on various websites.

Thank you Jeny and The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service Team.

Gangster Redemption

Larry Lawton Author of Gangster Redemption

 In the fall of 2012, we were looking for someone to help set up our text file in a printable format so that we could use Create Space print-on-demand service. Their website listed 'Fast Fingers' as a company that would do exactly what we needed, so I wrote them and got particulars. Jeny was my contact through the whole process. She handled everything in a kind and professional way, helping insert some omissions I'd made, making sure we were pleased with the end result. She and her team took our MS word document and promptly returned a beautifully formatted text in a pdf file, with a promise to help if we should find any need for alterations. Through the whole process, we have been treated as people and not merely a business account. The cost for their formatting service is reasonable and well worth having someone who is detail-oriented and acquainted with the printing requirements. Kudos, Fast Fingers! We recommend your service to anyone who is looking to get their book formatted for publishing. Great job! Looking to work with you on the other books in our series, "The Chronicles of Heaven's War."

Sisters of the Bloodwind kindle

Kathy Williams  (editor) The Chronicles of Heaven's War

I was fortunate enough to regain the rights to my novels from a large publisher. I had to get them reformatted for CreateSpace and back up for sale as quickly as possible, and I turned to Jeny and Rutchie for help. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I've received from them. They're fast, they're professional, their prices are competitive, and they do excellent, spotless work. They've done seven books for me so far, and I plan to use them for every one I ever write.


Hi Jeny and Rutchie, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service you provided in resolving formatting problems with the cover of my new book. I could not believe how quickly you responded to every question I had and then delivered a quality product. I would heartily recommend you to anyone seeking assistance in self-publishing their work.

Robert Miller

As a first-time author I've had to "fly blind" through this self-publishing process. After 3 weeks of concentrated effort to format my book and illustrations in Word, I finally gave up, admitted that my result was going to be mediocre at best. I found Jeny and Fast Fingers, had a few miscommunication issues to start off, but quickly realized my project was in very capable hands. The result that Jeny and Rutchie produced was what I hoped for. Exceptionally well done, professional, and something I am proud to have my name on. And, important to me, they made or beat every deadline! No need for an author to look elsewhere for such services. Thanks Jeny and Rutchie!


Harry Taylor Author of You Can't Get There From Here

Jeny and Rutchie are absolutely remarkable! In my 30-years as an editor getting services for my authors, I've never worked with someone with their talent, precision, speed, dedication, and integrity. They're absolutely trustworthy, provides phenomenal customer service, and does exactly what they promise. Plus, they're a delight to work with. Don't be fooled by their easy-going personality--these ladies are the best in their field. There is no downside to hiring Jeny and Rutchie to help you with your project..

The Rite 1

Cindy Barrilleaux  Write Your Best, Inc. 

My book The Rite of Return: Coming Back from Duty-Induced PTSD pushed every conceivable envelope in terms of formatting challenges. Contained within its 200 pages are 122 images that include photographs and complicated graphs paired up with picts of brain images. It was a massive endeavor to “get right” but Jeny and her team were nothing short of exceptional all along the way! Jeny’s renowned levels of patience described in other authors accounts on this site are not overstated. She had to endure massive amounts of changes “on the fly” during formatting. She worked with my editor Cindy and I as a team when it came to solving for complications due to picts that couldn’t fit. She listened to our ideas and input and found ways to navigate through some massively trying pages. Despite all of those complications we made deadline so this book went to press on schedule. Truly The Rite of Return is a shining testimony of an incredible artist at her craft. Jeny thank you for your skill, hard work, patience and dedication to this project. I consider this book your masterpiece of formatting design.

The Rite 1

Karen M. Lansing LMFT  (Author) The Rite of Return

Writing my first book was one of the most enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding things I've ever done in my life. Trying to format a book to be ready for ePub, one of the most incredibly frustrating things. That's where the Fast Fingers stepped in. Jeny was brilliant. Within a week, and despite me making 3-4 last minute changes, she'd turned my print format into a perfect Kindle and ePub download. It looks great, there were no issues when I checked it out on Kindle and ePub readers, and with the sort of customer service I received from her you can be guaranteed I'll be back for the print formatting also on my next book. Coming from a nation that sometimes forgets what it is like to truly serve the customer, I really appreciated it when Jeny stuck by me and helped me get this passion into electronic print. 

for testi

Adrian Collins  Author of Shield of Secunda

The Fast Fingers really helped me get my book ready for print. They were quick, professional and skilled in creating a format that looked like it belonged on the shelf of a bookstore. They worked hard to craft a beautiful and lovely book. I wouldn't have been able to have such a good looking product if I had done it on my own. Thanks, Jeny and Rutchie!

rebekah tff

Rebekah Webb  Author of  The Life and Times of Car Johnson

I would happily recommend Jeny and Rutch to anyone. They converted my manuscript into Kindle format and were very quick to respond to several requests I had about the file. They were easy to work with, responsive to my questions and concerns, and I'm happy with the final result.


Mark C. Lang  Author of  The Bastard Tree

I had a terrific experience with Jeny and Rutchie. As an independent book publisher, I need quality and professionalism at every step, and I was not disappointed. The results were fast, I never had to wait long periods of time for an email update, and the results were terrific. I will definitely be using The Fast Fingers for future projects!

Breaking the Rules Cover for Bowker

Samantha March  Publisher Marching Ink

"The ebook conversion service that The Fast Fingers provide is reliable and affordable. For those not too familiar with the finesse of e-formats, or too rushed and busy to do it all oneself , Fast Fingers is a good solution. They deliver within a week and in my experience there were some little amendments, some due to typos of my own, or a last minute addition to the acknowledgement and I found that they have been very forthcoming to iron out all the little gaffs and format it to my liking, which made it possible for me to launch the book within 10 days of giving them the word file. Strongly recommended!"


Betsy Cheung Author of Presage and Operation Peebles

After having one bad experience after another I took a look at The Fast Finger. I read a few testimonials on the website to see what everyone else was saying about this Company. After reading a few of them I decided to give them a try.I was lost for words to see how fast Jeny started working to put my book together. Jeny and Rutchie was very easy to work with, creative, quick, and produces quality work. They was able to design a book cover for me that was perfect! I told them what I wanted on my book cover and I was able to choose the first one I received from them. They were always willing to make minor changes and got them back to me quickly. Working with Jeny and Rutchie has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with them again! Thanks to Jeny and Rutchie for fast friendly service!

for tff

Vickey Durham Author of Tinted Mirrors

I cannot write enough about the Formatters Jeny Ruelo and Rutch Marikit. Mind you, I have only seen them on Skype which we have used a lot together, but I'll admit I've fallen for them both. They are humorous, hard working, and know what they are doing. It was the case of them having to format from very old type- written short stories of mine, some going back to the early 1970's (before computers), which taxed us all to the extreme; and so there was little plain sailing, as the stories had different spacings and formats, that had changed through the years, and consequentially all,.... had to be fully reformatted for Kindle. To make matters worse, the two girls had to face an earthquake, with numerous after tremors. We lost contact for a couple days, between Barbados and Cebu in the Philippines. But they took it in their stride, and I loved their smiling faces. Yes, I paid then what they requested, up front, and never had to worry about them; and they never kicked when a couple times I changed my ideas about how I wanted the story order and when I actually added one more story. We went through 22 short stories, some very old, some new, four page cover changes, and very little correction to their work on my part when reading their Kindled formatting. You can judge that for yourselves, if you read Escapades and Islands, Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3. It was quite an operation, since they are exactly 12 hours ahead of our time in Barbados, and I have never done anything like this before, and they had to take my hand right through the actual placing of the final three books on Kindle for publishing. Yes,...most certainly, I'm going to work with these girls again! They are my girls now, forever.


Colin Leslie Beadon Author of Escapades and Islands 1, 2 and 3

The Thief of Moments is my first novel. Like most people who try do-it-yourself formatting, I experienced weeks of frustration trying to prepare my manuscript for Createspace. Finding Jeny at thefastfingers.com was the best thing that could have happened. She works fast, and she is very reasonable when it comes to pricing.

I had to contact her several times during the process (questions on my part and problems I was having with submitting the manuscript to her), and she was patient and professional. I am finishing up my second novel, and I will be using thefastfingers.com again to format the manuscript for publication.

There are plenty of formatting services available on the internet, but I was so fortunate to find Jeny and thefastfingers.com.


Thomas R. Hull The Thief of Moments

Jeny’s formatting service using Createspace’s standard was excellent in all aspects. She pays great attention to detail and truly cares about the quality of the product we put out. We’ve used other services in the past, but none were nearly as what we found with Jeny. We have become a repeat customer.


Working with Jeny was a magnificent experience. She’s incredibly helpful and knows her business. When I had a question (which I often did because I’m really clueless about the formatting process, which is why I hired her in the first place) she was ready with the answers, or knew where to find them quickly and would send me a link. She is courteous and professional and I would recommend her for your formatting needs. I intend to work with her again in the future! Thanks again Jeny. You Rock!


I find it difficult to put into words how pleasantly surprised I was when I first started working with Jeny. I was reading the testimonials on her Web site to make sure I didn’t repeat what everyone else was saying about her, her work and her work ethic, but that’s hard to do. Everyone Jeny works with is so pleased and for all the same reasons. Jeny is very easy to work with, creative, quick, and produces quality work. With very little communications, Jeny was able to design a book interior for me that was perfect! She is always willing to make minor changes and completes them almost before I finish hitting enter to send an e-mail. Working with Jeny has been a pleasure and I’m certain I will be working with her again!


Sally ShieldsSpeaker, Radio Personality,
Publicity Specialist and #1 Amazon.com bestselling author
of Publicity Secrets Revealed! What Every PR Firm Doesn’t Want You to Know!

I don’t normally write testimonials, this is mainly because I feel that if folks do the job they are paid to do, a polite ‘thank you’ should suffice. But I felt I needed to do something different on this occasion because of how far I felt Jeny went to help me with my recent debut novel, Disposable People. I was a newcomer and pretty much did everything wrong. At times I sat and thought to myself how frustrating it must be for someone to work with me, and to walk me through the various processes.

Jeny was extremely patient and helpful, guiding me through the formatting process for not only the paperback but the kindle and e-pub versions of the novel. I felt as though I was working with a friend who wanted to see me succeed, rather than someone merely doing their job and providing a service. I learnt a lot from working with Jeny on this novel, and I am deeply grateful to her for all her support. The novel is now out, and, so far, getting excellent independent reviews! Thanks again Jeny!


Ezekel Alan Author of Disposable People

Of all the formatters in the world I chose JenJen at TheFastFingers.com to format my 11th book for publication on amazon.com. Why did I choose them? Experience, knowledge, responsiveness. location, price. The book came out looking great!The interior formatting of the book was letter perfect, including lots of photos, and the front and back covers were exactly as I wanted. TheFastFingers crew was very responsive and highly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of formatting and did everything I needed and wanted. Good price! Good job!


Andrew Lawrence Los Angeles, CA Author
Wall Street – The Real Deal

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